A Plan and Not Quite Enough Time (pt. 3)


It’s two days after the supermoon/blood moon/lunar eclipse extraordinaire, and I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment. I’ve been using moon cycles to set goals – new goals on new moon, and achieved goals on full moons, ideally. It’s been a great natural reminder of the ebbs and flows of life. It’s crazy how quickly life can seem to slip by, so I enjoy the daily reminder of exactly where I am in life.

My goal for the full moon was to have a solid second draft of my screenplay typed up and shared with friends. I sent it out to a few select friends on Friday. It was scary but exhilarating to finally have it exist outside of my own head. I have an intuitive sense of what the screenplay needs next, so I’ll be working on that with a new moon deadline, October 13th. Then I can start fresh again on the next round of edits. Wish me luck. And good luck on your own goals!

My Top 5 Articles of the Week


The other day my boyfriend called me out on a phrase I unknowingly use all the time: tops. The context? “I’m so excited about the new Big Grams album, Big Boi is really tops.” It’s jarring to realize the vocabularies we’ve built out of habit and eccentricity. I thought I’d share with you some fascinating articles I read this week I’d consider “tops.”

1. Rachel Syme on Kim, Kanye and Marina Abromovic:

“Kim and Kanye are performing as a couple all the time — they perform the idea of what love and parenthood are in 2015, what art and fashion look like as a constant dialogue between two people, and what two people who have a joint vision can do when they decide to rise higher and higher in cultural esteem, beyond what anyone thought possible.”

2. Monica Heisey on the history of bangs:

“30 B.C.E.: Not to start off on a total bummer, but Cleopatra’s famously blunt bangs are a myth. In actuality, she would have worn a wig of tight curls over a shaved head, as was the fashion at the time. The popular image of Cleopatra with bangs comes from the 1934 film Cleopatra, which made use of actress Claudette Colbert’s pre-existing bangs.”

3. Jenny Zhang on poetry and yellow-face:

“The reparations white people claw for the minute they feel excluded from this world is not our problem. We shine bright like a diamond, and for once the blinding light from our gemstones is not white, but goddamn it is so, so divine.”

4. Lindsay Peoples on the Spring 2016 fashion trends to follow this fall:

“Rather than wait until 2016 rolls around, why not shop the best runway trends now — especially since so many of them will transition into fall with ease? Most of the really wearable new trends are hybrid, new-and-improved takes on what’s already happening in fashion, with a more modern and relatable approach.”

5. Sinead Stubbins on Almost Famous and gifting records:

“It gets to the heart of fandom: nothing is quite as good as that first high, but you try to repeat that feeling anyway. In the film, Sapphire the Band-Aid explains that to be a fan is to “truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it hurts”. Like fandom itself, Almost Famous refuses to be embarrassed by the earnestness of reliving this memory.”

A Plan And Not Quite Enough Time (Pt. 2)

IMG_4586Two weeks ago I wrote about my challenge to finish my screenplay first draft by September 1. The results? I finished the draft last Thursday August 27th, a full 5 days ahead of schedule. Turns out a firm deadline is extremely effective. Once I knew I “had” to write it by then, I knew I could.

I wrote the entire thing straight through by hand in a composition notebook. My plan is to add some scenes and details, type it up and share it with a couple close friends by September 13th, the next new moon. I enjoy setting goals by the moon. I love that visual reminder of time passing, and the sense of connection to the rhythms of the world.

So! Expect an update in a week or so. And if you have a goal you want to make a serious commitment to, I recommend checking out stickk.com. The Internet can be a blackhole of procrastination, but it also has cool tools for getting things done. Have a great weekend!

A Plan and Not Quite Enough Time


I haven’t been very active on this blog because I’ve been at work on a much bigger project: a screenplay. The idea came up a few years ago, and I’ve been planning it over the last year. Now I’m in the middle of writing the first draft.

The problem with passion projects is the lack of deadlines–no “Friday EOD” emails to get your ass in gear. I found an awesome resource last week: stickk.com, which was developed by Yale professors to help you achieve your goals.

First, I selected a deadline–September 1st for my first full draft. Think I selected a consequence. If I don’t complete it, I’ll pay $20 to an anti-charity of my choice. They have both liberal and conservative options, depending on your stance on gun control, abortions, and other social issues. I think this is a genius feature–now it is actually immoral for me to miss this deadline.

Next, I chose a referee–my boyfriend. He will confirm whether or not I accomplished the goal. The social pressure is a great impetus to make real progress every day.

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.’

-Leonard Bernstein

Not quite enough time is exactly how I’m feeling right now. But I’ll make it happen, now that I have real consequences. I’ll check back with you in September to let you know how done. So back to work!

As If: 20th Anniversary Clueless Makeup Tutorial

It’s hard to believe but Clueless came out 20 years ago last week. I was 6 when it came out, but it loomed large in my pop culture imagination. In my eyes, Cher was the vision of the perfect teenage girl. I remember dreaming of a computer automated closet and my very own Jeep.

Cher is the center of the teen queen classic film trinity, flanked by Heathers and Mean Girls. Cher is the queen bee: fresh-faced yet defined. Effortlessness that hides her manipulation. I had a few thoughts on rewatching Clueless.

  • I need silver Doc Martins like Brittany Murphy (Rest in Power).
  • Polaroids of your outfits are like useful, private Instagram selfies
  • “Let’s do a lap before we commit to a location.” Truer party words were never spoken.

While Cher’s volunteering spirit is only self-serving, she does have a lot to teach us about looking perfectly together. In particular, her high school no-makeup makeup look is fantastic.


Cher always has a perfect blow out. It’s glossy, straight, and voluminous, perfect for tossing over your shoulder and flirting with Paul Rudd. I recreated it with a straightening iron and some dry shampoo at the roots for volume. And for 1990s accuracy, bend those ends in with your straightening iron.



Wide-eyed, “oops that was a mistake” is what we’re going for here. Apply a shimmery nude shadow all over your lids from lash to brow. “Nude” eye shadow will depend on your own skintone, but for my pale yellow-neutral skin, I love Stila’s Kitten. It’s a well-balanced champagne with pink and ivory tones. Next, apply brown liner on your top and bottom lashlines and follow with two coats of black mascara. Don’t go all the way around with the liner  – only the outer half of your lower lashline–for a nice, innocent look.


Cher doesn’t subscribe to Kim Kardashian-style contouring. Instead, she just goes with soft pink blush to play up her baby cheeks. I used Tarina Tarantino blush in Carved Rose for the same effect. Use a highligher pen like the YSL Touche Eclat along your cheekbones, above and below your eyebrows, down the bridge of your nose, and along your cupid’s bow for that angelic glow in all lights. I found the original #1 shade of Touche Eclat overly pink for my skin, and returned it for shade #1.5, which has yellow undertones.

clueless lips


“Always draw attention to your lips.” Noted, Cher. For a 90s gradient lip that doesn’t veer too far into Pamela Anderson, line your lips with a rose pencil and fill your lips in completely. I used an old Wet-n-Wild shade #664B. Layer a lighter pink-nude lipstick, like Buxom’s Lip Pencil in Sydney, in the center and blend. Finish with a dab of shimmery pink gloss in your center lower lip for an even poutier look. I used the Buxom lip gloss in the shade April.



It’s very 1990s, but not too dated. Hopefully Cher wouldn’t call me a full-on Monet. What do you think?

Monet Water Lilies Manicure


monet manicure
Little pieces of art

I have a vivid memory of when I first saw one of Monet’s Water Lilies paintings. They’re amazing at all different angles–and so hard to capture up close. I recently thought back to that trip and decided it would be fun to try to recreate that painting on my nails.

Tea optional.
Tea and yogurt optional

First I painted my nails a solid royal blue. You could also begin with purple, black, or an aqua base, depending on your color scheme. I decided to go with royal blue, black, purple, aqua, and green polishes. Next, rip up a few makeup sponges in half and stamp each color on, shade by shade.

monet nails
Step one: royal blue base


The secret is that you really give a lot of paint on the sponge, and tap it over and over again in one place until you get the level of opacity you want.

After stamping on aqua, green, purple, and navy blue polish
After stamping on aqua, green, purple, and navy blue polish

I just went color by color – aqua, purple, black, and green. After each dried completely, I put on a coat of my favorite glitter top coat, Zoya Maisie. The little mylar glitter flakes look like water lilies themselves. It’s a messy process, but it’s easy to go outside the lines and then wash up excess polish with soap and water

After my Zoya topcoat
The final product

What do you think?