Introducing Nath Attack

No disrespect intended

I’ve always felt frustrated that many women’s magazines and websites approach fashion, beauty, and style from a superficial perspective. I know what you’re thinking: but makeup and clothes are superficial. And my response: yes, they’re concerned with our outer appearance.

However, beauty and style are significant creative outlets for many women. I love the chance to play with color, explore new techniques, and create a slightly different, new self whenever I desire. I do feel frustrated by the burden placed on women to be “professional” through a narrow view of femininity. But you can be trapped in the boringness of the natural self, just as you can be trapped in the effort to present yourself a certain way.

However, if you don’t do a significant amount of research, it’s hard to navigate the world of fashion and cosmetics. What are the upcoming trends? Is this $30 primer really worth it? How do I achieve this look, step by step? Where can I look for fresh inspiration?

I’m tired of ambivalent fashion reviews that don’t take an honest stance. And I’m really tired of makeup reviews in magazines that are indistinguishable from advertisements. You know what I’m most tired of? Boring writing that talks down to its audience. Yes, it’s just makeup and clothes. No, it doesn’t have to be stupid. With Nath Attack, I hope to create the women’s website I would want to read.


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