Unsolicited Thoughts on Makeup

All orange everything
Freedom to be a little crazy

To the chagrin of my former hippie mother, I’ve always been fascinated by makeup.

I devoured the beauty sections of any magazine I could get my hands on. I read and re-read catalogues of makeup I could definitely not afford as a 14 year old. I could spend an hour in the makeup aisle of CVS comparing products. What’s funny is that I never wore that much makeup. To this day, I probably don’t wear any makeup more days than I do.

Then why do I own so many beauty products? Because in my eyes, makeup represents freedom. Freedom to look exactly how I want. Freedom to be sexier, girlier, more retro, more artistic, kookier, or however I am feeling at that exact moment. Some women view makeup as entirely a burden – a thing they’ve got to do before work, or before a date, or even before leaving their house at all. That makes me a little sad. I hope that all women can feel confident barefaced, just as men do without a second thought.

Tied with Instagram, makeup is my most frequent form of visual artistic expression. I have terrible fine motor skills. As proof, I’ve posted a handwriting sample below. But day-to-day makeup doesn’t require much physical talent. All you need is some inspiration, a little know-how, and straightforward step-by-step advice. That’s what I hope to do.

Caesar cipher
Notes for an upcoming post – don’t bother deciphering.

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