The Clarisonic Challenge

Let’s do this.

The biggest luxury in beauty is beautiful skin. In my (limited and anecdotal) experience, that’s where rich people spend their money. If you have perfect skin, you don’t need foundation. And if you don’t need foundation, then makeup turns into a much quicker, more fun experience. I’m not a big foundation person, although I’ve been learning to use it. But in the ideal world we’d all wake up with glowing, even skin, throw on mascara and lipstick and breeze out the door. In pursuit of that ideal, I decided to purchase the Clarisonic Mia.

I first heard about this two years ago and was very skeptical. The spinning brush has more than 300 movements per second. Did you need that much exfoliation? Wouldn’t it cause broken capillaries? But then I bought a Clarisonic toothbrush. Your first time with a Clarisonic is a strange one. It buzzes so intensely you need to keep your lips tightly closed to stop from spraying your mirror. I realized this was a next-level technology.

I also read about it constantly in beauty reviews. What really sold it to me was the constant mentions in the high end beauty blog Into the Gloss. If you don’t read it yet, check it out. I especially love the Top Shelf feature, which is an interview with various rich, fabulous people, asking what their beauty routine is. These are people who can afford whatever product they want, people with dermatologists on speed dial. Presumably if it works well for Lily Aldridge and Kate Young, it should work for us plebes.

But … it’s $125. Which is far more than I’ve ever spent on a single skincare product. Finally I came to a decision. I would buy it and try it out for three months. If I liked it, I’d buy a new brush head, which you’re supposed to replace quarterly. If not, I’d bring it back to Sephora, which has a great, no questions asked return policy. I decided to take pictures every week, so I could see (or not see) the progress. Here’s my skin at week one, completely clean and makeup-free.

Crystal clear
Yes, that’s a t shirt on my head. We’ll discuss that later.

I’ve got pretty good skin, but I’ve always been frustrated by the redness of my nose. I’ve got self-diagnosed rosacea, although the one time I got a facial she said I didn’t, that it was just the pigment of my nose. Either way, it doesn’t really bother me, but I’d love for more even skin. Hopefully the Clarisonic will deliver, or at least cut back on my breakout. Here are some more up close shots which we can compare in future weeks.

Had a very shiny nose

I’ve got some small broken capillaries at the edges of my nose. I’m a little worried the Clarisonic will exacerbate it.

Nose action
Yea, get up in there.

According to Clarisonic, the brushes have been shown to reduce rosacea. So if that is indeed my issue, there’s a chance I can take down the redness a notch. That would be awesome. I remain a hopeful skeptic. Clarisonic, show me what you’ve got.


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