Virgin Coconut Oil: Too Good to be True? (Important Update!)

All Purpose

So do you remember about ten years ago when virgin olive oil and the Mediterranean diet became popular? It seems like that same thing is happening today, except with virgin coconut oil and Island diets. The once-hated saturated fat has been redeemed in studies. In addition to its nutritional value, coconut oil is a fantastic cosmetic product. It works an an excellent, lightly scented body moisturizer, as well as a hair product for dry or curly hair.

I bought Dr. Bronner’s off Amazon Prime, mainly because I have strong brand loyalty because of Bronner’s peppermint soap. It was only $13.41 for 14 ounces, a bargain per ounce compared to most lotions. One thing to note – coconut oil is a solid at room temperature. But it only takes a quick warming up with your fingertips before it becomes a very smooth body oil. For the last few years I’ve been using baby oil after showers, on wet skin before toweling off. This is the same principle, except coconut oil is a thicker, more natural alternative.

It is worth noting that coconut oil is comedogenic. If you’re very oily and prone to breaking out, I would not recommend coconut oil on your skin, especially not your face. But otherwise, it works as an excellent makeup remover and body oil.

If you have dry or curly hair, it also works well as a hair oil for smoothing flyways and adding shine. Unfortunately, I found it a little too sticky and greasy, but I have very fine, wavy hair. I can’t handle much product, let alone a super moisturizing oil. But if you have dry, curly, or coarse hair, try it out.

I’m most excited to use it in the kitchen. I know  some Saturday I’ll be craving banana pancakes, and I’d love to fry them in coconut oil instead of butter. I’ll keep you informed of any great recipes.

UPDATE: So the one annoying thing about coconut oil is how long it takes to warm up in cold weather. You could always microwave it, except I’m not applying lotion in the kitchen. But … somebody give me the MacArthur grant. I’ve solved the problem.

Bring your jar (tightly sealed) into the shower. It’ll heat up and melt while you’re showering, and then you can put it on while your skin is still wet. It locks the moisture in, and it’s a lot more convenient then tubbing the surface with your fingers til it softens.


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