Clarisonic Challenge Week 1: Purge Against the Machine

Does this look like a purge to you?

One reason I was reluctant to use Clarisonic was “the purge.” According to many users, their skin got worse before it got better. It’s referred to as the purge – the idea being your Clarisonic causes you to go through any present breakouts more quickly. It brings impurities to the surface, but you were going to get those pimples anyway. Supposedly this stage lasts 1-2 weeks, which is short enough to  endure.  I’d love to be an anomaly, but as you can see, I’ve been breaking out. It’s nothing out of hand, so maybe it’s a sign it’s working? Either that or the Clarisonic folks have successfully brainwashed me.

Clarisonic week one
Nothing to see here, move along

Here’s the details: I’ve been using the Clarisonic once a day, rather than 2x a day recommended. Twice a day seems excessive, and if it’s main purpose is effectively removing makeup, I only need to do that once a day. My skin feels much smoother after each use, and I definitely notice that my skin does a better job absorbing serum and moisturizer. Redness has been holding steady.

Putting the pimp in pimple

Unless the purging stage lasts three weeks or more, I think I’ll continue with this experiment. The breaking out hasn’t been too bad, and the smoother skin means makeup glides along much easier. All the better to cover up the pimples with … [Big Bad Wolf voice]


One thought on “Clarisonic Challenge Week 1: Purge Against the Machine

  1. Hello, Aesthetician here. I’ve never left a reply before but, as a user of this and distributor for the BEST Skincare line I’ve ever used, I want to tell you that yes, this is ok and do not quit. Your skin is cleansing itself and that little spot is really not that bad! You will be pleased, you’re cleaning at a deeper level now and it’s being released. Let it come out. IF you decide you need anything, feel free to contact me. I didn’t write here to sell, just to say, DON”T QUIT now. 🙂

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