Beauty Resolution: Flossing Daily

Mmm so clean

Ok, so this may or may not have something to do with the fact that I’m seeing a dentist in two days, for the first time in 18 months (wish me luck!). But I seriously, really, truly am going to commit to flossy daily. It’s funny how I’m so willing to do certain things for beauty – a four-step face washing routine, a three-step manicure – but I’ve had trouble committing to flossing. So I’ve decided to frame it in a different light.

It’s no longer a health concern (ok it is, but work with me for a minute). It’s no longer something I’ll do for the approval of the dental hygienist. It’s not something I’ll harbor unhelpful guilt about. Because we all know how helpful guilt and shame are to making you do something you dislike.

Instead, think of it a beauty concern. Based on my experience, flossing is the number one sustainable thing you can do for whiter teeth. Those toothpastes with whitening crystals – have you ever really noticed a difference when you’ve finished the tube? It’s strange how we’re willing to spend $40 and 30 tingly minutes every day for two weeks to whiten our teeth, but we’re not ready to spend 60 seconds following an important teeth yellowing prevention program? But instead of fighting my fears, I’ll embrace them. Go Batman on this shit, you might say.

And I’ve found friendlier floss as well. If you haven’t been regular with flossing, you know how painful it is to start back up. In order to keep you gums from bleeding, you have to keep flossing. But just as you get to the not painful stage, you get less regular, and less regular, and less regular. And then it’s painful again. How can you stop this cruel cycle?

Mmm so woven

Try woven floss! What’s that, you say? It’s a stretchy floss that’s much more forgiving on your gums than the typical waxy, sharp floss. It’s a little strange on the first go, but I’ve become a big fan. Rather than gloss over plaque and slice up your gums, woven floss uses soft fibers to remove the plaque and keep your gums safe. You can get regular woven floss, or try my favorite, the Reach Cleanpaste. It’s got woven with toothpaste-like particles, which sounds disgusting, but is actually amazing.

They’re probably going to yell at me on Friday. But, maybe not? And either way I’ll be flossing forever, not because the dentist told me to, but because I know it’s worth it.


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