What Makeup Do You Pair With an Orange Jumpsuit?

Yep. Those are bellbottoms.

But not the prison kind. This was my question last week when I was heading to a dinner party and decided to wear my grandmother’s 1970s jumpsuit. It’s definitely one of the more fabulous outfits I own. Very ridiculous but, then again, I’m often ridiculous. And orange is one of my favorite colors – it makes me so cheery.

I decided to keep the makeup modern, and warm-toned – so it would complement the jumpsuit, but not be too matchy-matchy. Definitely no orange makeup, but golds and corals pair well. I went for a golden-brown smokey eye, with peachy blush and lips. No bronzer necessary; the eyes are shimmery enough on their own.

Bond, James Bond

I prefer lighter smokey eyes – I’m fair enough that the tradition black isn’t easy to pull off (though I try my best). I think the golden edge prevents it from being too boring and neutral. I have relatively close set eyes, so I always shade from the inside out, lightest to darkest. If you’ve got wider set eyes, you can handle darker tones all the way around the eye. It helps if you imagine your eye divided into four sections from edge to edge.

Step 1) Apply foundation. I used YSL’s Touche Eclat foundation in B10, which has a very subtle sheen to it – not shimmery at all, but definitely not matte. I think it gives a more natural look than some opaque matte looks.

Step 2) Prime your eyes, and apply a white gold closest to your tear ducts. I used Urban Decay’s Vanilla out of the the 15th Anniversary Set, though it’s also available on it’s own. Apply to the very inner corner of the bottom lid as well.

Step 3) Apply a light, yellowy gold on the next quarter of the eye. I used the top bar of Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips in Sunset Strip. Yes, it’s a bronzer, I think it’s an amazing palette for bronze smokey eyes. Not the best payoff, but its a really pretty color, especially for drugstore prices.

Step 4) Apply a medium bronze to the next quarter. I chose Half Baked from UD’s Naked Palette. It’s one of my favorite shades ever, right between gold and bronze.

Step 5) Shade in the crease with a gold-flecked medium brown – I went with Smog from the Naked Palette.

Closeup to see the shading.

Step 6) Apply a golden brown eyeliner to the top line, as well as the outer edge of the bottom lid. I used UD’s 24/7 pencil in Bourbon. Apply a bronze or golden liner to the wetline of your bottom lids. I went with L’Oreal HIP eyeliner in Gold Charge.

Step 7) Two coats of your favorite black mascara on the top, one coat on the bottom.

Step 8) Put a very small amount of peach blush on your cheeks – I used Tarina Tarantino in Feather, which is incidentally on sale at Sephora. If you’re looking for a great peachy blush with a very slight shimmer (almost matte), look no futher.

Step 9) Leave the lips as they are to keep the focus on the eyes. Maybe use a lip balm for slight sheen.

Step 10) Set your makeup with a light dusting of finishing powder – I used Makeup Forever’s HD Powder.

Finished product

Only 10 steps, which isn’t too bad. Leave your hair natural, of course, because it’s the 70s. In my jumpsuit, at least.


3 thoughts on “What Makeup Do You Pair With an Orange Jumpsuit?

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. A tough bunch of shades and patterns to pair with, but I think you succeeded beautifully! And your hair is pitch-perfect–a little tousled, yet the waves hold together nicely. I know this jumpsuit well, and this is a really perfect look for it. Can we see the earrings?/Can you do a thing on accessorizing a look you’ve done with earrings and jewelry more generally?

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