Early Morning Tailgate Football Makeup

Stanford Cardinal lips

I may not have mentioned it yet, but I’m a really big football fan. It’s been an awesome season for Stanford, and we’re playing in the PAC-12 Championship on Friday. I went to most of the home games this year (all of which we won). My time at Stanford exactly coincided with Jim Harbaugh’s masterful transformation of a program from 1-11 to 11-1. The last two years under David Shaw have been great as well, although I do wish Shaw had half of Harbaugh’s aggression.

This is a look I wore earlier this year to the Oregon State game. The game was at noon, which meant leaving the house at nine – not an easy task when you were out the night before at a Rebirth Brass Band show. So this makeup look is quick, super easy, and of course, Cardinal themed.

Step one:

No time for foundation.  Instead, go for tinted moisturizer. If you don’t have any, simply mix foundation and moisturizer, changing the coverage based on your needs. I used a sample I got recently of Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Illuminating Serum. The name is somewhat confusing – it’s much more an illuminating tinted primer than a serum. It adds a nice overall glow without obvious shimmer, which is perfect when your skin is not perfectly hydrated or whatever.

Simple shimmer

Step two:

Apply a shimmery nude all over your lids. Your perfect nude will depend very much on your skin tone and coloring. If you’ve got warm tones, try a peachy shade like Sephora’s Peach Beige. If you’ve got cool tones (you think you’re so cool, don’t you?), try a more pink-based shade like UD’s Sin. If you’ve got relatively neutral skin like I do, try out Stila’s Kitten. It’s my holy grail neutral, and definitely my favorite shade of all time. What’s great about perfectly matched neutrals is they don’t require any extra work – they look great on their own, with no additional contouring.

Step three:

Apply a dark brown eyeliner and brown mascara (black if you’ve got a darker coloring). Normally in this situation I’d go for a medium brown, but I had some leftover eyeliner from the night before (I swear I washed my face! But it was hard to get every little bit off). If you tilt the pen down toward the root of your lashes, darker eyeliner also helps cover up any light lash roots. Blondes represent!

Step four:

Apply a reddish pink cheek stain, such as Benetint, to your cheeks and lips. Never forget blush if you’re hungover! This is the single most important step, especially if you don’t want to look the way you feel. The reddish lip has the added benefit of matching Stanford Cardinal. Cal fans, sorry can’t help you. I guess you could try OCC’s Triptych, but it’s a lot less flattering.

Step five:

Go over your lipstain with a matching colored balm, such as Fresh Sugar Rose. Chances are if you’re dehydrated, your lips are as well. This is not the day for a drying matte lip. In fact, I like to carry ~3 lip balms in my purse. Just in case.

Now all you need is Gatorade

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