Beauty Resolution: Washing Makeup Brushes Daily (yes, daily!)

The Wisconsin game was crazy
The Wisconsin game was crazy. Also Georgia really needs to work on their time management skills. Spike the ball!

I’ve always been terrible at washing my makeup brushes with any regularity. The last time I washed my brushes was … well this is the first time I’m washing them since I got them, which was a month ago. I know! It’s terrible, and I’m spreading dirt and bacteria around on my face. But the process is usually so tedious that it’s hard to set aside the time. Yesterday it was pouring all day in SF, and so I decided to make it a rainy day project. Nothing like championship football and clean makeup brushes, am I right?

I’ve always read that the best brush shampoo is Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo. I’ve used it in the past and it’s definitely an inexpensive solution – just buy the travel size and you’ll be set for life for $2. But I read elsewhere that Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser works well, and I already had that on hand.


Washing brushes with soap and water produces a few conundrums. Do you use the same soapy bowl over and over like dirty mop water? Or do you have several bowls for soaping and rinsing? How do you maintain the shape of the brushes? How can you clean the tips without rusting the metal base of the makeup brush? I started to wash a few brushes this way but quickly got frustrated.

Luckily, I had made an impulse (read: get the basket to $50 free shipping) purchase earlier of Sephora’s Daily Brush Cleaner. This stuff is incredibly easy – just spray it on the bristles and then rub it against a clean tissue. Only one thing to remember: don’t use a moisturizing aloe tissue, or you’ll get that residue on the bristles.

The full spread
The full spread

So here are all my makeup brushes drying. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it’s a lot of makeup brushes. I used to just have a simple drugstore set, but I couldn’t pass up a Sephora sale last month (story of my life). I got 12 professional brushes plus a leather makeup toolbelt (still need to find an excuse to wear that), for only $98. The individual costs of each brush is over $400. I want to take good care of these brushes, so I’m committing to cleaning my brushes every time I use them. I bought a box of tissues for my desk to remind myself. So far, so good.


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