90 Minute Yoga Test: Can My Makeup Make It Out Alive?

Sunday morning casual
Sunday morning casual

Sunday morning I met a friend for breakfast. I wanted to look nice, but  was also headed to 90 minutes of yoga directly afterward. What to do? I figured this would be a great opportunity to test out my makeup-staying powers. When you’re working in extreme conditions (summer in New Orleans, etc), there are a few important guidelines:

·      Less is more. This is not the time to go Kim Kardashian on your makeup. The more you put on, the grosser it will look coming off. Resist the urge to go pancake makeup trying to fight the humidity.

·      Primer, primer, primer. This is essential in sweaty conditions. For face primer you wan an anti-shine, slightly thicker primer that will allow you to wear less foundation. Eyeshadow primer is even more important. Urban Decay Primer Potion is the gold standard, but if you’ve got dry skin, try out Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

·      Powder, not cream. Cream eyeshadow and blush great for the winter, but they’re already prone to melting and creasing. Avoid at all costs.

·      Choose natural-to-you colors. I went with an all-over pink look, because when I get hot my cheeks flush pink. Pinch your cheeks, and consider using that color so you work with, not against, your workout look.

·      Finishing powder. Some people avoid finishing powder because they hate that dry powdery look some can give. That happens when you use too much powder, or your powder isn’t truly translucent. Use a tiny amount on a powder brush, and buff it in by moving your brush in circle motions.


That said, here’s my breakdown of this look:

1.     Primer – a sample I got of Sephora’s Anti-Shine Foundation Primer

2.     Light coat of YSL’s Touche Eclat foundation in B10 with stippling skunk brush.

4.     Urban Decay’s Sin, a pinky champagne on the lids, and Buck in the crease (both in the Naked Palette)

5.     An eggplant liner just at the lashline (less severe than black, and matches with the pinky tones of the shadow). I used UD’s Rockstar.

6.     Cover Girl’s Lash Blast in Brown. If you’re pale like me (especially if you have light eyelash roots), try brown mascara. It’s a revelation. I probably should have used waterproof.

7.     Benefit’s Posietint on cheeks and lips. It’s a nice pink tint, but I only recommend it if you have fair skin, because it’s pretty subtle.

7.     Makeup Forever HD Powder. The most famous finishing powder, for a good reason. Just be careful to only use a small amount, especially if you’re taking pictures. Don’t want to end up looking like these unfortunate celebrities.

And … drum roll please … here’s how it turned out, post 90 minutes of very sweaty yoga. They had the heaters on even though it was 60 degress outside.

Post yoga glow
Post yoga glow

Not bad, right? Definitely faded, but considering how I was dripping with sweat, it still looks pretty solid. My foundation had definitely worn off a little, but the eye makeup was going strong, except for a little mascara smudging. Next time I’ll go for waterproof mascara. Normally I go makeup free for exercise, but this this was a fun, mostly successful experiment.

Close up shot - Urban Decay's Primer Potion is pretty awesome right?
Close up shot – Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is pretty awesome right?

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