I Hate Frizz: The Avocado Lemon Coconut Hair Mask


My hair has been gradually getting wavier, which is awesome, but one annoying downside is the corresponding frizz. This weekend I had  a very lazy Saturday – I woke up at 9 but stayed in bed til noon, realized that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was finally added to Netflix, and lost any chance of productivity. Lazy days like that are perfect for trying out new beauty remedies.

Miss Frizzle's Avocado Adventure
Miss Frizzle’s Avocado Adventure

I bought the avocados last week (3 for $1 – I love California) to go on top of a chili I never made. They were starting to go bad, so I thought I’d make a hair mask. Avocados have lots of fat, which is perfect for conditioning your hair. I used this The Beauty Department post as a guideline, but it’s actually impossible for me to stick to recipes. The last time I made brownies I guessed how big 1/3 cup is, forgot to set a timer, and took them out when they smelled really good.

Instead of olive oil, I substituted my beloved coconut oil. I figured the scent would be much better, and coconut oil is often used to smooth and condition dry hair. I also added some lemon juice from the lemon tree in our backyard, as per this recipe.

Latest SF Food Craze: Avocado Buns

Here’s my recipe:

1) Mash up an avocado or two, based on your hair length and thickness.

2) Add a couple tablespoons of lemon juice.

3) Melt a tablespoon of coconut oil and add it to the bowl.

4) Stir it quickly with a fork (or if your electric mixer is working, and you can find all the parts, and you don’t mind getting it dirty, you can use that instead)

5) Drape an old towel around your shoulders. If you have fine hair like I do, only put mask on the hair below your ears. Otherwise, you can spread it from root to tip.

6) Put on a shower cap (or if you’re like me, a plastic bag will do).

7) Heat up the mask with a blowdryer. This helps the mask penetrate better. If you’re rocking a plastic bag, keep the dryer on low to make sure it doesn’t melt.

8) Wait 15-30 minutes, then take a shower and shampoo as usual, use conditioner if necessary (probably won’t be necessary).

I think the hair mask was making me increasingly sassy.
I think the hair mask was making me increasingly sassy.

I bet you’re dying to know how it turned out. Drumroll please…

The avocado mask doesn't know its own strength.
The avocado mask doesn’t know its own strength.

As you can see, my hair was much less frizzy and my curls were more defined, but it was also pretty greasy. Definitely too greasy for my tastes, although I have a pretty low grease tolerance. I know you’re not supposed to shampoo often but … I just love that fluffy freshly washed look. I think the takeaway is that the mask works really well, but only if you have truly dry or damaged hair. My hair was a little too fine to handle the fatty goodness of coconut and avocado.

That said, it definitely felt amazingly moisturized. I didn’t take pictures, but I think it looked best after my second shampooing, when it was glossy but not greasy. However if you have curly, dry, or damaged hair, this would be an excellent mask for you. If I do it again, I probably wouldn’t blow dry my hair or leave it on for quite so long. (It was probably closer to 45 minutes. Got distracted by a cat. Story of my life.) This thing is heavy duty, and it’s also cheap and easily sourced. Try it out and let me know what you think!


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