Beauty Resolution: Face, Neck, and Hands

Photo on 12-19-12 at 12.27 AM #6
No, I’m not choking myself. This is supposed to remind you to moisturize your hands and neck as well as your face.

The neck and the hands are two of the places that have the quickest signs of aging. Why? Because they get just as much exposure as your face, but you often forget to moisturize and put SPF on them. Hands are particularly sensitive because even if you remember to moisturize them, constant (and doctor recommended) handwashing will strip your skin’s oils.

I’m not particularly concerned with aging because I’m 23. Also, I think anti-aging is a strange concept. It seems a hair’s breadth away from pro-death. Semantics aside, I think my future self will thank me for this resolution.

My resolution this week is to do whatever I do to my face, to my hands and neck as well. That means I’ll use an extra squirt of my daily moisturizer (currently alternating between Cetaphil SPF 50 and a sample of Lancome Bienfait SPF 30). Yes, the only sun I get is my mile and a half walk to work in the morning on a foggy day, but better safe than sorry. And it also means that I’ll dab a little extra serum and moisturizer there at night. I’m also going to get a bottle of hand lotion for my desk, to remember to moisturize after I wash my hands.

Update on previous resolutions:

  • Always washing off makeup – check! This one has been easy
  • Flossing daily – also check! keeping floss in my purse has been a big help
  • Polish breaks with Nailtiques – well, I haven’t done it since, but I’m planning to take a break post-holiday glitter polish.

So far, so good!


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