Easy DIY Nail Art: Galaxy Nails Tutorial

And Earth is just a tinny speck of glitter.
And Earth is just a tinny speck of glitter.

I’ve always been a fan of galaxy nails, but I was worried it would be too complicated. I have pretty terrible fine motor skills, which is one reason I’m drawn to nail art – I like the challenge. Luckily, this nail art is much easier than it first appears. The only special tool you’ll need is a makeup sponge, which you likely already have in your cosmetics kit. If not you can get a dozen for a $1 or so at your local drugstore.

Here’s what I used:

Sponging on silver
Sponging silver over purple.

First I laid down a base coat, then followed with one coat of NYC Purple Pizzazz all over. Then I took a makeup sponge and ripped it in half. I dapped with with Queen of Everything, and dotted it on top of the first coat, blending with the sponge to get a slight fade between colors. The secret is to move around the silver on different nails – on the bottom left corner of one, the top right corner of another nail, etc. This matches the random quality of clouds in the sky. After you’ve finished with the silver, repeat with the blue nail polish, sponging it onto your nails. Don’t worry about trying to be perfect – you want a nice blended look between the purple, blue, and silver.

Completed sponging - not looking too hot, eh?
Completed sponging – not looking too hot, eh?

When you’ve finished sponging, it won’t look very good. The polish might have a messy, matte appearance. But galaxy nails are transformed with the most important step – the glitter polish that mimics the stars in the sky. Apply a generous coat of Starry Silver, making sure that the larger glitter chunks are evenly spread out across the nail. As you can see from the picture above, a fair amount of polish ended up on my skin around the nail. But no fear! Before I started painting, I put a cuticle balm around my nails. That way, I can easily wash off any extraneous polish.

The glitter magically pulls it together.

Here’s the final look – impressive, right? I think this is one of my favorite nail looks I’ve ever done. So turn on Netflix, grab your polish and have fun!


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