Manicure Mondays: Two-Tone Metallic Scotch Tape Tutorial

metallic manicure
I love rose gold and silver together

My order of three nail polishes from Zoya has arrived, and I’m so happy with them so far. I usually go for the cheapest nail polish possible, but when I saw their crazy “3 nail polishes free (just pay S&H)” deal, I had to take advantage of it.

One shade I’ve been eyeing for a long time is Faye, which Zoya describes as “a bronzed mauve with purple and brown undertones flooded with bright gold sparkle.” I’d call it a rose gold, which shifts between gold and pink in the sunlight. Check out some swatches here.

I wore the shade on its own for a few days, but when I noticed some tip wear, I wanted to extend the look. An easy solution? Adding a contrasting french tip. I love the look of mixed metals, so I decided to choose an opaque silver.

scotch tape mani
Make sure you apply the scotch tape on a completely dry base coat.

Here are my scotch tape french manicure tips:

1) Begin with a completely dry base shade.  I’d even recommend waiting a full day before attempting this. Nail polish can often be superficially dry, but soft underneath.  You don’t want to apply scotch tape on top of any polish that isn’t 100% dry.
2) Stick the tape against the back of your hand to make it less sticky. This will cut down on the chances that the tape will pull up your base polish when you remove it.
3) Apply the tape along a slight curve. I recommend pressing down at the direct center of the nail, and then, tugging on the tape ends to give it that slight natural curve.
4) Wear slightly squared nails. Because it’s not easy to curve straight tape, you can help yourself out by using a file to square off your nails a bit. Also this shape helps strengthen your nails against breaks.
5) Use an opaque color for the tips: I used Sephora by OPI’s Queen of Everything, which only needed one coat for full color.
6) Let the tips dry completely before removing the tape. You might be tempted to pull the tape off before the polish is 100% dry. Resist that urge! Put on a 21 minute episode of something and don’t touch that tape until it’s over.
7) Cover the final look with a top coat. This will extend your look, and add a consistent glossy shade across your nail, so it looks more cohesive.

I’ve seen versions of this alternative French manicure look all over the runways in recent seasons, and luckily it’s much easier than it looks thanks to my good friend Scotch tape.


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