Color Challenge: Purple and Orange – Together!

Quite the combination.
Quite the combination.

I love purple smokey eyes, and I think it’s one of the easier bright shades to pull off. Brown eyes, blue eyes, and especially green eyes look fantastic with the accent of purple. Therefore I wouldn’t classify it as a color challenge on its own, but paired with an orange lip – that is a true color challenge!

Usually when I wear purple smokey eyes I’ll pair it with cool-toned, blue-based pinks. That’s the obvious, and always beautiful pairing. But what happens when you pair it with a warm-toned lip? Then it’s magical. Pairing warm and cool tones is the new thing, didn’t you know?

First apply your base makeup; you want a clean, even slate. After foundation and/or concealer, apply a wash of lavender cream eyeshadow across the lid. I rarely wear cream eyeshadows on their own, but they make fantastic bases. They double function as your inner shade and a primer, helping the makeup last longer without creasing or fading. I used Buxom’s Stay Don’t Stray shadow in Beagle.

Lavender cream eyeshadow
Lavender cream eyeshadow on its own.

After the base shade, you can start adding more darker purple definition. I used Omen from the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Show, a metallic purple with a blue shift. I blended it in a v shape, from the outer corner, up to the crease, and then across the lid near the lashline. Make sure you leave the inner 1/3 of the eye untouched – you don’t want to cover up all of the lavender cream shadow. Pro tip: after you think you’re done applying the darker shade, grab a clean eyeshadow brush and blend the shades a little more. That gives you the seamless shading you’re looking for.

Dark purple shaded from the outside v toward the center of the lid.
Dark purple shaded from the outside v toward the center of the lid.

To add some lashline definition, use a purple eyeliner on the top lid and the outer 1/3 of the bottom lid. I actually layered two liners- the first was Almay Intense i-Color Liner in Purple Amethyst. This is marketed toward brown-eyed women, but I just love breaking rules. It’s great drugstore eyeliner – long-lasting and quite opaque. However, it’s not the most complex shade, just a simple matte purple. On top of that I layered Urban Decay’s Ransom, a blue-purple eyeliner that’s somewhat sheer, but has a beautiful shimmer. Don’t forget lots of mascara! I used Benefit’s They’re Real! Get the $10 sample size. It’ll last you as long as the larger version, and it’s about the same price as Cover Girl (you’re supposed to change your mascara every 3 months, remember?) (every 3 months … hahaha).

Next add a soft touch of peach blush and an orange cream lipstick. For blush, I used Tarina Tarantino’s Feather, and for my lips, I used OCC’s Grandma – it’s a beautiful orange-toned coral. Finish off the look with a mattifying powder like Makeup Forever’s HD Powder (expensive, but get the $16 smaller container – it’ll last you years!). With all the shimmer in your eyeshadow, you want a balanced, clean look on your skin.

How can you not smile with such bright colors?
How can you not smile with such bright colors?

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