1 Minute Makeover: Switch Your Part

Doing my best Veronica Lake

Do you ever have the urge to do something drastic with your hair? After a breakup, or once you read an article like this on short hair? I get that temptation pretty often, but I’m also trying to grow my hair out. I would hate to the ruin progress I’ve made over the last year, but sometimes you need a noticeable change.

Here’s a quick solution: change your part to the other side. If you’re like me and always always part your hair on one side, it might be a little tricky to coax it over. What I did was stagger the change – first I parted my hair in the middle, and then switched it to the right on the next day. I love feeling just a little bit different, while still maintaining the length I’ve been working on.

And in case anyone is curious, that lipstick I’m wearing is Maybelline Vivids in Electric Orange. It’s a true orange, but shows up a bit coral on my pink-ish lips. New favorite!


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