Color Challenge: Electric Blue Cat Eyes – Meow!

blue cat eye makeup
Bright colors make me smile.

There’s a terrible untruth being spread around on the internet: that people with blue eyes shouldn’t wear blue eyeshadow or liner. I think this in part comes as a resistance to the classic “blue eyes” eyeshadow palette like this one from Physician’s Formula. It’s a standard formula: silver, powder blue, grey, navy, bronze, and black. Powder blue is a hard shade to pull off, which is compounded by its association with 80s tacky makeup. Perhaps I’ll do a powder blue eyeshadow tutorial soon – that would be a real challenge!

But there’s a shade of blue that looks good on every eye color, and it happens to be my very favorite color: aqua blue! It’s such a bright, intense shade; I think it works best as an subtle accent (well, as subtle as aqua blue can be!) that still lets your natural beauty shine through.


Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Apply whatever base makeup you desire (foundation, tinted moisturizer, bb cream, cc cream, dd cream … And yes, dd cream is now a thing).
  2. Apply a shimmery eyeshadow one shade lighter than your skin all over your lid (although if you’re going to wear it up to your browbone, make sure your brows are in tip top shape).
  3. Learn from my mistake on this one – use a damp slanted eyeshadow brush to apply aqua eyeshadow in a thick cat eye shape. I applied it dry and had a tough time keeping the line sharp. The secret to wet eyeshadow is to use saline solution instead of water; it’ll last longer. Even with dry eyeshadow, it’s a testament to the quality of Urban Decay’s Deep End to how well it turned out.
  4. Using that thick line of blue shadow as a guide, paint a thin line of liquid liner along the bottom edge. You could leave the shadow without the black liquid liner, but I think it adds important definition and makes the look a little more wearable.
  5. Don’t forget mascara! Top lashes only, and as black a shade as you can find.
  6. Finish off with peachy blush and lip color. The warmth of your lips and cheeks offset the cool tones of the eye look. Remember the warm/cool lessons from this post?

electric blue cat eye


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