Makeup With Friends! First Up, Grace

blue eyes
Her eyes remind me of a certain National Geographic cover

New suggestion for a weekday night: makeup, wine, and the new Daft Punk album. Few things are better. It’s so fun putting makeup on a new face. You can’t just follow the same boring routine you always do. Instead you consider their face shape, undertones, and features to determine what would be most flatteirng. The gorgeous eyes above belong to a great friend of mine named Grace.  I decided on a copper eye with navy eyeliner, to make her blue-green eyes really pop.

Read on to see before and after pictures with step by step instructions!

Doesn’t she look a bit like Olivia Wilde?

As you can tell, Grace looks fantastic without any makeup on at all. But while she was visiting San Francisco, I thought it would be fun to play around with some of my extensive makeup collection.

First I applied a Smashbox’s BB Cream to give a nice even base. As you may remember, I’ve been going on a Foundation Quest to find the perfect base product. I currently have a rotating cast of six samples (YSL, Make Up Forever, Armani, Bare Minerals, Dr. Jart, and Smashbox) that I’m testing out – expect more Foundation Quest reviews soon!

It’s hard to escape the constant barrage of BB cream ads. American BB creams (unlike their somewhat heavier counterparts in Asia) are simply repackaged tinted moisturizers, with additional skincare “benefits” that are largely unproven.That said, BB cream is much easier to apply than foundation, and most women don’t need full coverage but want something more pigmented than tinted moisturizer. Smashbox has been my favorite that I’ve tested so far. I like that it comes in a range of 5 colors (from Fair to Dark) and that it has an SPF of 35 (although I wouldn’t rely on a makeup product as sun protection – you probably won’t put on enough product).

With two shades of eyeshadow - peach on the inner half, and copper in the crease and outer v.
With two shades of eyeshadow blended: peach on the inner half, and copper in the crease and outer v.

Next, I layered two shades of eyeshadow to do a day-to-night light smokey eye. I applied a pale peach shade all over, and a copper shade in the crease and outer v of the eyelid. If you want a daytime smokey eye, I recommend a subtle metallic smokey eye – try out gold, silver, or bronze (depending on whether you’re feeling like a winner, or runner up, or third place in life).

I love the color combination of navy and copper. Orange and blue are complementary shades, and the contrast emphasizes eyes (especially blue ones!). I used Cover Girl’s Exact Eyelights for blue eyes in Radiant Sapphire as a liner. It has great pigmentation for a drugstore product. And of course, black mascara – two coats on top and one on the outer half of the bottom lids.

Because the main focus of the look is her eyes, I just applied light peach blush and a MLBB (my lips but better) lip liner over lip balm so she wouldn’t have to worry about touching up her lipstick.

All set!
All set!

This was such a fun project! If you’re near SF and would like a (free!) makeover, let me know in the comments!


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