Subtle Color Challenge: Green Eye Makeup for Daytime

green eye makeup
You’ll miss the flash of color in a blink of an eye

I’ve read many times before that colorful eye makeup should be saved for after dark. My response: where’s the fun in that? But if you’re working at a conservative office, it’s in your interest to keep things subtle. So far my Color Challenge posts have been loud, fun, and a little brash.

Today I’m going the opposite direction. It might look like a neutral eye from a distance, but you’ll be smiling to yourself about your little colorful secret. See the very sneaky close-up shot below.

green eyeliner
Can you spot the beige-green duochrome and the green eyeliner?

I love duochromes! For the uninitiated, those are shades that appear to be two different colors, depending on what angle you’re looking at. They are gorgeous in person, especially in daylight, but they are a challenge to photograph. This eyeshadow is called Kudos by BareMinerals, which I bought in a limited edition palette I was lucky to find on sale.


Temptalia, my go-to beauty advice site, describes this shade as “a pale beige-brown with an olive green shimmer-sheen.” She goes on to say: “It has a really subtle, but cool, duochrome. I was like, ‘ooh! look!’ when I initially swatched it.” That’s definitely the reaction I had as well.

I wanted to emphasize the duochrome, so I used a green eyeliner really close to the lash line. Green eyeliner is surprisingly versatile, and if you draw a fine line, it’s totally appropriate for daytime.

Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Apply a beige-green shadow across the lid up to the crease.
  2. Put a soft touch of khaki green in the outer corner and crease to add definition.
  3. Line your top rim with a green eyeliner like Urban Decay’s Mildew.
  4. Apply a lengthening black-brown mascara to your top lashes only.
  5. To pair contrast the green eye, I suggest a nude-pink shade like Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey.

Feeling sneaky yet?




2 thoughts on “Subtle Color Challenge: Green Eye Makeup for Daytime

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