Manicure Mondays: Flakie Polish (aka Nail Art for Klutzes)

flakie nail polish
So pretty it’s a distraction

Whenever I see a beautiful, complex nail art tutorial, I think to myself, maybe I can do it … wait, no, who am I kidding. I’m graced with the hand-eye coordination of a drunk toddler, and so anything that involves precision work is a n- go. I can’t be the only one frustrated by fine motor skills, so I’ve decided to make a new series for all the klutzes out there who want beautiful nails but aren’t going to pony up mad ca$h at a nail art salon.

First up is flakie nail polish, my current favorite special effect nail polish. No, the polish isn’t going to cancel plans on you – quite the opposite, as it wears like iron. Flakie nail polish is named after the flakes of mylar suspended in the formula. Remember those balloons at the grocery store you always wanted your parents to get you as a kid? These nail polishes are filled with shreds of that same polyester film.

So how do you get the gorgeous duochrome effect pictured above?

You layer it over a shimmery navy blue shade!

zoya maisie
Zoya’s Maisie polish over Revlon Midnight Affair in bright sunlight

My first flakie polish (I can tell already it won’t be my last!) is Zoya Fleck Effect in Maisie. It has blue-green mylar flakes suspended in a blue-tinted clear base. As you shift the nails around in sunlight, the color changes from green to aqua to purple.

If you wear it on it’s own, the effect won’t be as strong, but this is a perfect shade  for layering over darker polishes. I almost never wear black nail polish, but this polish has changed my mind. Check out the effect in these swatches. Wow! My favorite shade to layer over is navy blue – it’s dark enough to show the full potential of the flakes, and it accentuates the blue tones in the polish.

And best of all, you get the unique look of nail art, but the only extra work you have to do is unscrewing another top and adding an extra coat of polish. Now excuse me while I unscrew another bottle of wine.


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