Beauty Industry Indictment: What’s up with mascara ads that use false lashes?

mascara ads
Gorgeous Freja, what did they do to you?

As much as I love makeup, sometimes the beauty industry drives me crazy. Above is a screenshot example. Check out the fine print in hard-to-read white ink:

lashes styled with inserts

“Inserts,” also known as false eyelashes to the common girl. False eyelashes can give any girl the Kim Kardashian look, but they also render a mascara ad useless.

You know what I’d love to see in an ad, rather than an incredibly Photoshopped Freja Beha Erichsen (one of my all-time favorite models who is rendered near-anonymous)? I’d love to see a before-and-after shot without any Photoshop. That would be helpful. It would also be unique, which would help the ad stand out more than hot pink font and a lot of blurred pixels.

If I ever am in charge of a beauty line (hey, a girl can dream!), I’ll promise today, Wednesday July 10, 2013, to not use retouching or false eyelashes in my ads. Makeup Forever experimented with this in a campaign, and I loved being able to see real (albeit with perfect lighting) skin. Wow, dimension! Look how flat and blurry Freja looks in comparison. Where does her face end and her hair begin?

Listen up makeup companies for some free advice: women will trust you a lot more if you don’t retouch or use fake lashes.


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