Knock ‘Em Dead: Classic Interview Makeup

interview makeup
Pleased to meet you

Interviews are stressful enough on their own without worrying about your appearance. But of course, you want to make the best impression and walk in as confident as possible. For me that means simple, natural makeup that is foolproof. Today is not the day to try out some new eyeshadow technique or contouring.

This is a very simple daytime look for when you want to look professional, but undoubtedly like yourself. I admire women who would rock a red power lip in an interview, but that seems like high risk and low reward. What if it smudges or fades or gets on your teeth? Eeek I’m too messy/neurotic to hand that. I’ve also gone interviews with no makeup at all and that was fine. When it comes to makeup, remember to just

Start with clean, moisturized skin and apply your favorite base makeup. I used YSL’s foundation in B10 mixed with some Hourglass primer – it lightens the makeup and makes it last longer. Go lightly with foundation; it’s better to have somewhat uneven skin than an obvious mask.

Next I applied my desert island eyeshadow, Stila’s Kitten from the lashline to my crease (who am I joking, I would never bring eyeshadow to a desert island, just an endless supply of sunscreen and lip balm). It’s a shimmery champagne that’s perfectly balanced between warm and cool tones – perfect for my neutral skin. If you have cooler-toned fair skin, check out Urban Decay’s Sin, and if you have medium warmer skin, look at CoverGirl in Mink.

Every woman should have a shimmery eyeshadow shade that’s one shade lighter than her skin. Obviously it would be impossible to recommend a shade for every person, but Sephora Sales Associates would be very helpful for this.

With eyes open and closed
With eyes open and closed

Next apply a thin line of medium brown eyeliner directly at your lashline – top only! Liner and mascara on your bottom lashes is a beautiful look, but again it’s high risk and low reward. You don’t want it to smudge and give yourself a tired, slept-in look. Top with a coat or two of brown mascara. I love brown mascara, it gives you a perfect, subtle look. Unless you already have very dark eyelashes, it’s worth checking out a drugstore version like CoverGirl Lash Blast.

Because you evened out your skin with a base, now you want to add some color and dimension with blush and highlighter. I like coral blush, like Tarina Tarantino in Parasol – it’s healthy and natural, and goes well with almost every skin tone. I used Benefit’s Watt’s Up, a champagne highlighter across the top of my cheekbones.

Look at how many business cards these hands have gotten me!
Look at how many business cards these hands have gotten me!

As much as I love crazy manicures, I’d recommend a simple nude look. I used Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Naked Ambition – a perfect name for this look. To finish it off, I like a little lip color, but nothing you’d have to worry about during the interview. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey is a great solution – a warm nude tinted lip balm.

Now go out there and knock ’em dead!

interview makeup
Very professional

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