Nail Art for Klutzes: Nude Glitter Manicure

nude glitter nails
Cat sighting!

Remember that nude manicure from the interview makeup tutorial? I wanted to glam them up a bit, and I thought I’d try something new. I love the look of metallic glitter over nude polish – it’s flashy but also chic.

Best of all, glitter polish I used is on sale! Sephora is ending its Sephora by OPI line, which is a shame since I really like all of the polishes I’ve tried from that line. But the upside is everything is currently 50% off, so take advantage it before they are all gone!

Keep reading to see the super easy (two step!) manicure process. Totally klutz-friendly.

nude glitter manicure
Subtle but not really

To get this look, all you need to do is layer two polishes on top of each other:

The pictures above show only one coat of glitter nail polish – that’s how dense it is! It’s a really beautiful combination of different sizes gold and silver glitter. Make sure you get it before it sells out!


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