Kind of a Big Deal: My New Favorite Eyeshadow Palette is on Sale (Again)

seriously you need this
Look at those shades!

Last Christmas I bought myself BareMineral’s The Star Treatment palette on sale from $40 to $25. I don’t often get makeup as a gift, in part because I love to do thorough research on any products I buy. I had just read Temptalia’s very detailed review where she gave the product a rare A rating. When I got the palette in the mail, it went beyond my (very high) expectations.

This is a perfect palette of warm neutrals, and it’s become my go to traveling palette. It’s about half the size of my Urban Decay Naked Palette, with a high quality metal case that snaps shut (unlike the magnetic cardboard case of the Naked). The tiny brush that comes alone is surprisingly effective, and it’s double-ended so you can use one side for the lid and another for the crease.

If you have very cool-toned skin (i.e. more red and less yellow tones), then this may not be the palette for you. A good test would be whether you like wearing gold. In general,  people with cool tones prefer silver and people with warm tones prefer gold, and there’s a golden sheen thoroughout many shades. The bright gold at the bottom right is my favorite yellow gold (I used it in the rainbow tutorial), and Connoisseur, the mustard gold second from left on the top row, is the richest metallic shade I’ve ever seen. The ivory, brown, black, and khaki shades all have gold undertones, so the shades work really well together. The surprise of the palette is Kudos, the beige shade on the bottom left that has a subtle green duochrome. That’s the color I used in this daytime green makeup tutorial.

I wrote about this limited edition palette back in December, and I was so surprised to see this palette in the Sephora sale section that I rushed to publish this article. BareMinerals usually prices their quads at $30, so getting 8 shades for $25 is an incredible deal. If you have neutral or warm skin and you’ve been wanting a new eyeshadow palette, look no further. Buy it here before it goes out of stock!


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