Summer Colds Are the Worst! How to Look Better When You Feel Like Absolute Sh*t

Yay back to normal temperatures
Yay back to normal temperatures

I hate summer colds. You want to be out frolicking in pastures and end up stuck on the couch. I had a very high fever about a month ago for 36 hours that fluctuated rapidly. No other symptoms at all, not even swollen lymph nodes or congestion. When I told my doctor about it later, she said hmmmmm.  Of course, there’s nothing else to say. Undoubtedly my body was doing its magic fighting an unknown assailant.

After two nights of fever dreams, soaked bed sheets, and fuzzy mental capacity, the fever broke. I started to feel better, but I definitely didn’t look better – the fever had taken its toll on my face. If you think I’m exaggerating, you need to see the picture just below the jump.

When you’re getting better from a cold you want an easy beauty routine, so I simplified it to just a few steps. Check out my “feel better” look.

feeling sick makeup
Not a staged photo. How I really looked in the middle of the 103 fever.

In the photo above I was testing the lighting, and came out with a great pic showing just how seriously the fever had ravaged me.  But luckily there was hope, in the form of a few useful products.


Step one was evening my skin out from the ruddy yet sallow look seen above to an even, glowing finish. I didn’t want to fuss with blending foundation, so I used a tinted moisturizer: Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer in Shell. I definitely needed some illusions, and as you can see below it worked the trick. To add to the illusion of healthiness, I also used some highlighter (Benefit Watt’s Up) along my cheekbones, partway down the bridge of my nose, and at my cupid’s bow (the spot above the center of your lips).

feeling sick makeup
It’s amazing what some tinted moisturizer, highlighter, and lip balm can do for you


I could have stopped here and been happy, but to take it to the true picture of health, I added mascara and lipstick. And I brushed my hair. It’s the small things! The mascara I used was Buxom Lash (the original in Blackest Black). The lipstick I used was Maybelline Vivids in Vivid Rose, a gorgeous warm-toned pink with a glossy finish. I’m going to post a more in depth review of the Maybelline Vivid line next week (preview: I own 5 already!).

Don’t I look better?

feeling better makeup
The magic of mascara and lipstick

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