The Belles of Twin Peaks: Josie Packard, Lumber Mill Femme Fatale

josie packard
What did I do wrong?

I’ve finally Belles of Twin Peaks series, I present to you Josie Packard. When people talk about Twin Peaks style inspiration, they usually reference Audrey Horne, the poor little rich girl troublemaker. I love Audrey, but I think there’s a more interesting femme fatale character on the Peaks: Josie Packard, the mysterious owner of the town mill.

Played masterfully by Joan Chen, Josie is enigmatic. It’s hard to tell if she’s a sweet woman who needs to be saved or a mischievous troublemaker. My kind of woman. Her look is late 80s/early 90s dramatic, sculpted perfection. You can easily imagine her next to Cindy Crawford on a cover, except for the somewhat dowdy outfits she wears to play down her sex appeal.


Josie’s eye makeup is a classic matte brown smokey eye. Matte smokey eyes are underused – they really show off your facial features in a simple yet powerful way. Here’s the step by step photos with corresponding directions below:

twin peaks makeup
Big puppy dog eyes

Step 1: Brush a matte tan shade (such as Urban Decay’s Naked from the Naked Palette) from your lashes to your crease.

Step 2: Blend a matte light brown shade into your crease and outer corner (such as Buck, also from the Naked Palette. Love these two shades for subtle matte smokey eyes).

Step 3: Apply a dark brown pencil eyeliner along your upper and lower lashline. Make sure that the upper line is about twice as wide as the (very thin) lower liner. This helps maintain an “awake” look while still getting the doe-eyed lower lashline effect.

Step 4: Apply a black mascara to your top lashes and a brown mascara to your lower lashes. This creates a similar wide-awake effect. Unless you have very dark lashes to begin with, I highly recommend spending $8 on a brown drugstore mascara for daytime looks and bottom lashes.


Red glossy lips, obviously. All the better to lie with. Femme fatales are not meant to blend into the scenery. I know many women are reluctant to drop some cash on a shade they won’t reach for regularly, but luckily I found the best drugstore orange-toned red lipstick. The very best, for less than $8! Temptalia, the most reliable and thorough makeup reviewer I’ve found, gave this lipstick an A+, and I agree. Ok, I won’t keep the name from you any longer: it’s Maybelline Vivid in Neon Red. If you have cooler toned skin you should check out On Fire Red, Maybelline’s blue-based alternative.

twin peaks beauty
Who me? I wouldn’t hurt a fly.

What’s great about these lipsticks is that they’re moisturizing and (fairly) long-lasting, a very rare combination. They’re great straight from the tube – no lipliner or serious prepping needed. If you’re worried about precision, I suggest using a lip brush. I always thought lip brushes were old fashioned and unnecessary, but recently I’ve realized how useful they are for high maintenance shades.

The Maybelline Vivids have a shiny finish, but for maximum pout, I added a clear plumping gloss to the center of my lips. Remember DuWop Lip Venom? It was the first plumping gloss on the market, and a really big deal ten years ago. I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive or chapped lips – the cinnamon and ginger oils might irritate your skin.  I was very jealous of the girls in high school that had it, but at $16 it was way beyond my budget. A friend gave it to me as a very thoughtful present in college, and it’s perfect for pouty looks like Josie Packard here.


twin peaks josie
Utter distain + late 80s/early 90s cheekbone contouring

Can you be a femme fatale without cheekbones that would cut glass? Impossible. Contouring has been making a comeback in recent years, and it’s easy to understand why. Especially if you use full-face foundation or bb cream, I recommend some light contouring to help bring back the dimension you’ve erased.

Contouring has two elements: light and darkness. To add light to your face, use a highlighter along the top of your cheekbones and along your browbone – right below and above your eyebrow. I used Benefit’s Watt’s Up, which is a champagne cream highlighter, and it’s the perfectly in between subtle and flashy. If you want a more dramatic shimmer, look into Benefit’s High Beam, another favorite of mine.

To add darkness, suck your cheeks in like a fish and brush a matte brown powder into the hollows with a small blush brush. I’ve been using bareMinerals All-Over Face Color in Warmth. It’s way too dark for me to use all over, but it’s great for adding realistic dimension.  After blending in the contour color, I added a peach blush in between the highlighter and the contour for a natural flush.

So there you have it – not exactly a low maintenance look, but also not challenging. Let me know if you try it out!


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