Weekend Look: Scarlett Johansson’s Khaki Smokey Eyes

A powerful stare
A powerful stare

When I saw this picture of Scarlett Johannsson a few years ago, I was transfixed with her eyes. The combination of completely black-rimmed waterlines (the wet part of your eyelids) and yellow gold at the inside corner is fantastic.  I’ve often seen white, silver, champagne, or peach used in the inside corner to give you a more wide-eyed look, but I’ve never seen it combined with a black-rimmed waterline. Mad props to Scarlett’s makeup artist.

Inspired by this image, I decided to try out the look myself. Check out step-by-step photos below to get the look yourself!

With complex eye looks like this, I like to do eye makeup first and base makeup next. To prep the eye area, apply a primer (ideally with a concealer brush but fingers work) all over your lids.

smokey eyes step by step

For this look I used only my The Star Treatment Palette from BareMinerals. I’ve written about this palette several times before, and I have no money it at all, but I really recommend you getting this palette while it’s on sale. I used Elitest (a shimmery khaki), VIP ( a black with subtle gold shimmer) and Extravagance (a frosty yellow gold).

  1. Apply khaki shadow from lashline to the crease.
  2. Apply black shadow to the crease
  3. Blend those shades together
  4. Apply black liner to your top and bottom lashes

smokey eyes step by step

After you’ve applied all the eyeshadow, now it’s fun with eyeliner time. I never wore any eyeliner in high school, which I don’t regret because it can look very severe. But with a dramatic look like this, that’s not my concern. I used Urban Decay’s pencil in Perversion (what they call “matte blackest black”) as well as L’Oreal HIP Chrome Eyeliner in Gold Charge.

5.    Apply black liner to your waterline.
6.    Apply gold eyeliner to you inner corners of your eyes.
7.    Apply black mascara to top and bottom lashes
8.    The final look with eyes shut.

To add a little warmth to my face, I applied a very soft touch of peach blush and some lip balm. No need to do anything to take away from the very smokey eyes. This is a more intense look than I usually go for, but I like it.

The common complaint against eyeliner all around the eyes is that it makes them look smaller, and I’ve definitely noticed that problem before. What I really like about this look is that the yellow gold opens up the eye considerably. What do you think?

The final look

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