Beauty Resolutions Revisited: Daily Makeup Brush Washing

makeup brush washing
Netflix and makeup brush washing

One of my earliest series for this blog was Beauty Resolutions, where I made promises to change for the cosmetically better. I typically avoid New Years resolutions because they never stick, but I figured if I made resolutions regularly throughout the year, I might have better luck. Now I’m going to revisit some of those resolutions and see how successful I’ve been.

When I decided to wash my makeup brushes with every use last year, I was feeling very ambitious. One smart move was buying Sephora’s Daily Brush Cleaner, a no-rinse cleanser spray. It’s a lot easier to do use than shampooing your brushes with soap and water. All you need to do is spray directly onto the bristles, then brush it across some tissue to remove makeup residue.

While the cleanser spray is convenient, it doesn’t do as thorough a job as shampoo. That’s where a travel size bottle of Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo comes in. You can find it for under $2 at your local drugstore, and it’ll last you several years of cleansing. It only takes a small dot of shampoo mixed with water to cleanse dozens of brushes.

So how have I fared with this resolution? Well,  I think daily brush cleansing was a bit too ambitious. That said, I definitely wash my brushes much more often than I used to thanks to the cleansing spray. Confession time: I didn’t wash my brushes at all for the first several years of using them (oops!).

I’m going to rededicate myself to regular makeup brush watching. It’s a fun activity to pair with some Netflix and wine – just don’t spill your drink on the brushes! For more information on how to go about washing those brushes, check out my original article.


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