Music and Makeup: Get Lauren Mayberry from Chvrches’ Cool Look

chvrches lauren mayberry
Flawless, etc.

One of my favorite music discoveries in 2013 is the Scottish electro-pop duo Chvrches (yes, that’s a v, but it’s pronounced Churches. Just stylized with a Roman u for smart SEO purposes). My friend described them as a cross between Passion Pit and Tegan and Sara. I’d also throw in The xx, Purity Ring, and Robyn, all great bands to evoke. They make insanely catchy yet intelligent music, which is not an easy accomplishment.

I saw them perform at the Mezzanine in March, and I’ve got tickets to see them at the much larger Fox Theatre this November: an impressive rise that shows how popular they’ve become. They even had a writeup on Buzzfeed yesterday – surely a sign of good things to come.

The frontwoman Lauren Mayberry entrances you onstage with a clear soprano and charming asides. She’s the kind of performer that makes the entire crowd fall in love with her, men and women alike. You can check out their first album, The Bones of What You Believe, streaming on NPR until its full release on September 24th.

Along with Lauren’s beautiful voice and enigmatic lyrics, I’m a fan of her eye makeup, which is usually a funky version of the classic cat eye. Keep reading to find out how I got this look:

chvrches makeup tutorial
Turn the other cheek

After the show I did some research into Lauren’s makeup, and saw this amazing picture with a silver and black double cat eye:

lauren mayberry chvrches makeup
See that glint of silver above the cat eye?

Putting silver next to black liquid liner is a great way to add contrast and dimension to a standard cat eye. For the full rockstar effect, you can should a silver glitter liner, like Glamrock from Urban Decay. I decided to make do with what I have (yay self-restraint!), so I went with Sephora Collection’s Nano Eyeliner in Precious Silver. If you don’t have a silver eyeliner, you can also make one by combining eye drops and eye shadow, applying with a slant eyeliner brush. Instant liner!

chvrches makeup
1) Apply silver liner in a thick cat eye 2) Line beneath with a black liquid liner and three dots below the wings 3) Two coats of black mascara to the top lashes

First I applied the silver liner in a very thick cat eye – thicker than you think! It took me several passes to build up to the right width. Next I applied a very thin line of black liquid liner along the lashline and winging out. I recommend a liquid liner with a brush, rather than a felt tip pen. The felt tip can be too dry to line on top of the silver liner. I had the best luck with Urban Decay’s 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner (and yes, I tried multiple liquid liners to find which worked best. Gotta be diligent!).

Right below the wing, add three little dots for the full Chvrches effect. This was a fun subtle way to take the cat eye from retro Mad Men’s Joan to total futuristic babe. Finish off the look with two coats of mascara on your top lids, a touch of peach blush, and an orange-coral lip. I used my fave OCC Lip Tar in Grandma, topped with a clear lipgloss for extra shine.

What do you think?

chvrches makeup tutorial
Giving my best Scottish pixie face and failing hard

2 thoughts on “Music and Makeup: Get Lauren Mayberry from Chvrches’ Cool Look

  1. Love the short review on this amazing band. Lauren’s eyeliner game is certainly on point as well. We recently found one other similar tutorial on how to recreate her eyeliner look. Sure plenty of fans are still dying to know the best ways to do this and will happily pass this on.

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