My 5 Favorite Beauty Looks from the 2013 Emmys

christina hendricks emmys
Glamour perfection

Confession to make: I didn’t watch the Emmys last. I don’t keep up with current TV shows, as I prefer to binge watch without commercials on Netflix. And at award shows, once names are being called, the most exciting part is over: the red carpets. Award show beauty takes skill – you need skin that looks great when flash photographed and when filmed in HD (a hard combination. Makeup Forever’s HD powder can result in scary flashback if you apply too much). The makeup needs to be strong enough to be seen from far away, but it must look good in close ups as well. That sounds like a lot of effort, but these five actresses make it look easy.


She’s one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and last night that glamour shined through. The classic Hollywood makeup suits her peaches and cream complexion, and her lipstick is the perfect neutral red. While the makeup style is pure vintage, the slightly mussed up hair adds a modern touch. Her faux-bob curls were created with a 1/2 inch barrel, smaller than the typical 1 inch barrel most women use. For more details on how to replicate Christina’s hair, check out Temptalia’s details from her hair stylist.


kerry washington emmys
Glam and romantic – a tricky combination

Kerry Washington has been rocking red carpets recently, and while I thought this bridal-esque Marchesa gown had a few too many doo-dads, I loved the makeup she paired with it. It’s a beautiful gray and purple smokey eye that’s at once softly romantic and smokily sexy. Also take notice of her nails – a white manicure has been the major trend of the last several seasons.


taylor schilling
Doesn’t she look like Lauren Hutton here?

I have complicated feelings about Orange is the New Black. I loved the first half of the first season, but I then it got too Jenji Kohan-dark-wacky for my taste. Is Piper an anti-heroine? Or is she not supposed to be annoying? Serious question. Convince me to finish the season in the comments. But I’m whole-heartedly loving Taylor Schilling’s Emmys look. It’s another updated Classic Hollywood, with softened Veronica Lake curls. But rather than a black cat eye like Christina Hendricks, Taylor has a soft brown smokey eye and a berry-red lip. The eye makeup doesn’t use much eyeliner – just a wash of buck shadow in a v shape and lots of black mascara. I need to find that lipstick shade; the cool tones play off well with her very white teeth and dress.


elizabeth moss emmys
Just noticed the very faint tanlines – kinda cute

Another red lip, I know! But how fresh and gorgeous does Elizabeth Moss here? I flipped to the awards show looking for the football game (priorities) and saw her in the audience. Wow! At first I wasn’t a fan of her blonde hair, but I think it’s perfect paired with the red lip and black and white dress. Shes definitely channeling Marilyn with her makeup, but her hair is very modern. Speaking of other 2013 Marilyns, doesn’t she look a bit like Michelle Williams here? They have the same playful yet elegant hairstyle going on. If you haven’t yet seen Top of the Lake, run, not walk to your couch. You’ll thank me later.


lena dunham emmys
Matchy matchy in the best way possible

Definitely the wild card in this lineup. What I love about Lena’s makeup is the confidence and strangeness of it. It’s not going for pretty, and it’s definitely not traditional Victoria’s Secret sexy. But I’m a known fan of teal eyeshadow, and I like it even better paired with Lena’s warm brown eyes. With eyeshadow that intense, Lena was smart to keep the rest of the look subdued: just soft peach-pink blush and warm nude lips. I love that she doesn’t limit herself to what is merely “flattering” – instead she aims for bright, colorful, and fun. A lesson for us all.


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