Beauty Resolutions Revisited: Flossing Daily

whitening floss
Flossin’ like whoa

In this edition of Beauty Resolutions Revisited, let’s see how I’ve been doing on my flossing habit. When I last wrote about this back in November, I was determined to floss every day (November! Can’t believe I’ve had this site for almost a year). And how I have done?

Well, I’ve been flossing every-ish day for the last two months. But I fell off the wagon for the first half of 2013. I’d floss occasionally, and I’d brush for the full two minutes of the electric toothbrush (it really feels like forever). But, let’s focus on the positives. Gold star for excellence!

What helped me recommit to flossing was buying a new fancy floss, the above Glide 3D White. Because why not multitask? If you’re a regular flosser, keep up the good work! If you’re struggling, keep up the good fight!


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