A Re-Introduction to Nath Attack

IMG_3156_2When I started this blog two years ago, I spent a few weeks debating what I should call it. Should I pick a specific name that made it clear what I was writing about? Or go with a broader name that would give me more freedom to explore my interests? Ultimately I chose Nath Attack because I had a feeling some day I’d want to write about a lot more than makeup.

I’ve been feeling the urge to blog again. This time I want to tackle a larger swath of my interests, like music, football, travel, skiing, cooking, and trying (and failing, and trying again) to meditate and be more mindful. Stayed tuned. There’s more to come.


One thought on “A Re-Introduction to Nath Attack

  1. Interesting name. I looked you up because I wanted a price comparison for potatoes. I’m a huge fan (I’ve got them on my speed dial on my phone and on computer) of Omaha Steaks and they started selling produce. Potatoes are $1 a pound. Not interested for now, but I’m thinking about when I’m not able to get to store in my old age. I’d trust O.S. although their meatballs were terrible and the au gratin potatoes were not good. You write well; not easy to find in this day and age. Oxford might explain that. Good luck to you in your endeavors.

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