A Plan And Not Quite Enough Time (Pt. 2)

IMG_4586Two weeks ago I wrote about my challenge to finish my screenplay first draft by September 1. The results? I finished the draft last Thursday August 27th, a full 5 days ahead of schedule. Turns out a firm deadline is extremely effective. Once I knew I “had” to write it by then, I knew I could.

I wrote the entire thing straight through by hand in a composition notebook. My plan is to add some scenes and details, type it up and share it with a couple close friends by September 13th, the next new moon. I enjoy setting goals by the moon. I love that visual reminder of time passing, and the sense of connection to the rhythms of the world.

So! Expect an update in a week or so. And if you have a goal you want to make a serious commitment to, I recommend checking out stickk.com. The Internet can be a blackhole of procrastination, but it also has cool tools for getting things done. Have a great weekend!


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