A Plan and Not Quite Enough Time (Pt. 4)

Version 2

It’s been a few weeks since my last update on my screenplay, but I haven’t been neglecting it. In fact, I’ve thrown myself down the well of screenwriting.

I’m in the middle of a screenwriting class and getting useful feedback on my treatment and outline. I read nearly every screenwriting book in the Brooklyn library, and a dozen or so screenplays. It’s been fun to rediscover Crazy Heart, Shakespeare in Love, Black Swan, Little Miss Sunshine, and Bringing Up Baby.

One of my new habits of 2015 is drawing, and I’ve applied it to the screenplay. I like to sketch out character ideas and get a deeper intuitive understanding of my script. After all, a screenplay is not a final product–the final products are sounds and images on a screen.

So where do things stand? I have a solid game plan for the next draft, and my goal is to write a polished draft by the end of the year. I’m very thankful for the joy of creativity. Hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!







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