My Trip to California in 4 Sketches

Over New Years I had a magical trip to California. It was my first trip back since I moved from San Francisco to New York this summer. The trip was busy — a glamorous New Year’s Eve wedding, the Rose Bowl, then back up to SF to see old friends. I’m glad I took a few pauses to commemorate the experience.

1. December 28th, 2015: Castro, SF


I spent my first morning in SF at Reveille Cafe, working on my screenplay draft while a friend wrote a blog post. This was the incredible view from her apartment where I stayed:


The view from the front wasn’t bad either:


2. January 2, 2016, Silver Lake, LA

IMG_5160Luckily for Stanford fans, Christian McCaffrey went off and the Rose Bowl was a blowout. After the game we posted up with a friend in LA who had another amazing view.

3. January 4, 2016: Precita Park, SF

IMG_5161I spent my last day in SF at my favorite park, Precita. It’s a lot mellower than Dolores Park, with great dog and people watching.

4. January 5, 2016: SFO->JFKIMG_5165

On the flight home I watched Working Girl and You’ve Got Mail back-to-back while I knitted a scarf. They’re an interesting double feature, demonstrating how much New York City changed over ten years.


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