Glossier Cloud Paint Review and Swatches (All 4 Colors: Beam, Puff, Haze, and Dusk)

Glossier Cloud Paint swatches (from left to right: Beam, Puff, Haze, Dusk)
Glossier Cloud Paint swatches (from left to right: Beam, Puff, Haze, Dusk)

I wrote about two Glossier Cloud Paint blushes a while back, and liked them so much I bought the other two colors available. They have quickly become my favorite blush formula, and I use them almost every day. They’re liquid blushes in a squeeze tube shaped like a tube of paint. The finish is similar to a blush stain, without actually staining your skin. They wear for me nicely for about 10 hours.

The trickiest part about the Cloud Paints is managing how much comes out of the tube, because you don’t need much. My technique involves keeping my finger over the tube’s hole and lightly squeezing the tube. Then I use a pin-sized amount, split between two fingertips, and apply one cheek at a time, blending quickly with my fingerpads. I prefer a fairly subtle application, but you can build them up to your desired intensity.

Glossier Cloud Paint swatch in Haze and Puff
Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze on the left, and Puff on the right

Haze is a berry shade that I think will be perfect for winter. It’s the darkest of the bunch but it’s become a surprise favorite, especially with berry, plum, or burgundy lipstick.  Beam is described as a cool pink shade, but on my yellow undertones it’s a fairly warm coral pink. For a cooler pink I recommend Benefit’s Posie Tint, which is similar but much cooler-toned and a true blush stain.

On the left: Cloud Paint in Beam; on the right: Cloud Paint in Dusk
On the left: Cloud Paint in Beam; on the right: Cloud Paint in Dusk

Now that I’ve been using them regularly for months, my favorite is the still one I was most drawn to from the beginning – the peachy orange shade Beam. Dusk is a nice brownish pink that works well as a blush-contour and goes well with both neutral and red lipsticks. I wear all four regularly, depending on my outfit, eye makeup, and lipstick choices.

Mixing Cloud Paints (from left to right: Beam + Puff, Beam + Dusk, Beam + Haze)

You can even get artistic and mix blush shades on the back of your hand for a custom color. Overall, I highly recommend this blush if you’re on the market for a liquid or cream blush. With winter coming, I like to use an all-cream base (with liquid or cream foundation, blush, and highlighter) for maximum dewiness in dry conditions. They cost $18, or two blushes for $30.

If you are a first-time Glossier shopper, you can use this code for a discount on your blushes (or whatever else calls out to you):



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