The Holy Grail Sweatpants (Now On Sale!)

Note the leopard flats and hipster glasses. Not your brother’s sweatpants.

I mentioned my dedication to sweats in an earlier article. This has been a longtime love. When I was in high school I would wear insane outfits (I vaguely remember wearing white boxers over black fringe silk shorts with a blue polo and a stethoscope … I was weird). As soon as I got home, I’d strip immediately and change into sweats. This was mainly due to the fact that my parents refuse to use central heating until it gets below 40 degrees. But nonetheless it spurred a deep and loving relationship that continues to this day.

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Unsolicited Thoughts on Fashion

I'm lazy
The sweatshirt in question

Confession time: I love sweats. Right now, typing this sentence, I’m wearing my uncle’s 45-year-old Stanford in Germany crewneck sweatshirt (covered in holes), my mom’s 35-year-old University of Delaware t-shirt (also covered in holes), and J Crew’s amazing sweatpant-legging hybrid the Saturday pant (bought on sale). No, I probably wouldn’t wear this outfit much farther than my corner taqueria, but when I’m home from work after a long day, it’s exactly what I want. So why am I qualified to write about fashion? Because I’m a big nerd.

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