Knock ‘Em Dead: Classic Interview Makeup

interview makeup
Pleased to meet you

Interviews are stressful enough on their own without worrying about your appearance. But of course, you want to make the best impression and walk in as confident as possible. For me that means simple, natural makeup that is foolproof. Today is not the day to try out some new eyeshadow technique or contouring.

This is a very simple daytime look for when you want to look professional, but undoubtedly like yourself. I admire women who would rock a red power lip in an interview, but that seems like high risk and low reward. What if it smudges or fades or gets on your teeth? Eeek I’m too messy/neurotic to hand that. I’ve also gone interviews with no makeup at all and that was fine. When it comes to makeup, remember to just

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Novels and Nail Art: Inspired by Tao Lin’s Taipei

taipei by tao lin
Did I mention I like sparkly things?

Last week I finished Taipei, the new novel by Tao Lin. It’s not exactly an enjoyable read, but I think it’s the best fictional representation I’ve ever seen of life right now, in 2013. The novel is filled with drugged-out wandering around cities, desperate Facebook stalking, and house parties where no one seems to like each other. The prose is bleak yet hypnotic, and though the characters are cut off from their emotion, I found the novel deeply affecting.

I decided to do some simple nail art inspired by the gorgeous cover. To get this look, I applied two coats of Sinful Colors in Secret Admirer. I usually shy away from blacks, but what I liked about this shade was that it was filled with silver microglitter, so it’s more wearable than pure black. You can check out nice swatches of that shade on its own here. To get the holographic effect of Taipei’s cover, I added two coats of China Glaze’s Fairy Dust. It has a mix of fine prismatic glitter that looks great over dark manicures without overwhelming the base. It’s a very subtle look indoors, but like the book, it has a gorgeous rainbow effect in sunlight.

Mother of Dragons: Game of Thrones Makeup Tutorial


I’ll admit it: I was very late to the party with the Game of Thrones phenomenon. Total bandwagoner. Somehow I made it through the first two seasons without watching, but I decided to watch the first episode of the third season. It was one of the most confusing yet enchanting hours of my life, but I would NOT recommend it. As I sat, paralyzed, in front of my TV, trying to memorize the names of multiple dirty and bearded men,  I thought: ‘Damn, that dragon betch is mighty fine, but I have no idea what’s happening.”

Game of Thrones tip: Start at the beginning, it’s your only hope. Once I re-started at Season 1, Episode 1, I began my most intense marathon of television-watching (the only type of marathon I can compete in) ever, and I caught up in time to watch the final two episodes of Season 3 live.

Did George R.R. Martin write waterproof mascara into Westeros?
Did George R.R. Martin write waterproof mascara into Westeros?

I love the makeup on Game of Thrones (shout out to Daniel Lawson Johnston, Paul Engelen, Melissa Lackersteen, Pamela Smyth, and the other awesome makeup artists on the show). I think period pieces often have the best beauty looks because they need to perfect the “no-makeup-but-actually-there’s-makeup” look. I’ve written before about Downton Abbey makeup, the ultimate in porcelain-faced beauty. While Game of Thrones is a little more anachronistic – let’s be real, there’s no way Sansa Stark can cry that much without her mascara running – they still define their actresses with subtle touches.

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What Makeup to Pair With a Jumpsuit Pt 2: Revenge of the Jumpsuit

floral jumpsuit
Much happier than I look

The other day I went thrift shopping looking for a jumpsuit. So of course I come out with four. My favorite is this floral number, which has definitely become my favorite outfit of the spring. It’s the perfect thing for Sunday afternoons and mint whiskey lemonades. This photo came out very washed out, but I like the strangeness of it.

My last jumpsuit was as 70s as possible, but this one is definitely a baby of the 80s. Read on to see details.

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What Makeup Do You Pair With an Orange Jumpsuit?

Yep. Those are bellbottoms.

But not the prison kind. This was my question last week when I was heading to a dinner party and decided to wear my grandmother’s 1970s jumpsuit. It’s definitely one of the more fabulous outfits I own. Very ridiculous but, then again, I’m often ridiculous. And orange is one of my favorite colors – it makes me so cheery.

I decided to keep the makeup modern, and warm-toned – so it would complement the jumpsuit, but not be too matchy-matchy. Definitely no orange makeup, but golds and corals pair well. I went for a golden-brown smokey eye, with peachy blush and lips. No bronzer necessary; the eyes are shimmery enough on their own.

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As Seen on TV: Downton Abbey Makeup

crazy three
Real ladies don’t paint their faces

I loved the first season of Downton Abbey. It was the perfect combination of intellect and camp, history and soap opera goodness. At the center of the show are the three beautiful, complex, often arguing sisters. And because this show commits to historial accuracy-ish, they don’t wear makeup. Or so you might think.

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The Belles of Twin Peaks: Shelly Johnson

Shelly Johnson, vixen waitress

Like many of my friends, I’ve spent many confused, fascinated hours sucked into the strange glory that is Twin Peaks. If you haven’t seen it, dedicate an hour to the pilot. It’s an early 90s noir/supernatural/thriller/comedy/soap opera. Ok those were a lot of descriptors, but they’re necessary.

Though the plot twists kept me captivated, my focus was drawn to the ladies in the show. I love scrutinizing makeup from earlier eras (strange to call the 1990s an earlier era, but the show is now 22 years old). Sure, older makeup looks dated, but I think there is something to learn from every period.

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