Color Challenge: Amethyst and Orange


0EBAC7ED-6730-4C69-BF73-044A0B14898BYesterday it was nearly 60 degrees in Brooklyn. Warm enough to grab a bottle of rosé and head to my friend’s backyard. To celebrate, I chose a spring-like combination of purple and orange eyeshadow.

Here’s how to get this look:

  1. Apply a copper eyeshadow (from Sleek’s Sunset Palette) with a fluffy brush to your eye crease, blending above and below.
  2. With a small brush, pack a purple eyeshadow (Urban Decay Omen) onto the lid near from your lash line to your crease.
  3. Blend the crease and lid color using windshield wiper motions along the eye socket.
  4. Apply a matte dark purple shadow (Lorac PRO Palette’s Deep Purple) to the outer corner of the eye and blend with small, circular motions.
  5. Apply black mascara to top and bottom lashes (Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes).
  6. Define eyebrows with a gel, and brush through with a clean spoolie (Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde).
  7. Apply a soft pink tinted lip balm (Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rosé).
  8. Using your pinky finger, apply a white highlighter (Colourpop Fanny Pack) to the top of your cheekbone.
  9. Sweep a powder peach blush (Tarina Tarantino’s Feather) on your cheeks.
  10. Using your ring finger, apply a reddish-brown cream contour (Colourpop Aphrodisiac) to the hollow of your cheek, and blend upwards.
  11. Brush on a bronzer along your hairline (BareMinerals Warmth)
  12. Finish with a blurring powder all over (Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light).





My Favorite Makeup Looks of 2015

For the past year I’ve been keeping an occasional makeup diary: a quick snap to capture the attitude of the day. I used to feel a strange guilt and self-consciousness over these pictures, but reading Rachel Syme’s Selfie opus helped change my mind. Here are my favorite looks of 2015:

10. January 9, 2015


Featuring: Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, Revlon Balm Stain in Cherish

9. November 6, 2015


Featuring: Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst, Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, Benefit Benetint, Lipstick Queen Saint Wine

8. January 28, 2015

IMG_3241.JPGFeaturing: Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero

7. September 13, 2015


Featuring: Urban Decay Naked 1 palette, Chapstick

6. October 15, 2015


Featuring: Urban Decay liquid liner in Perversion, Nars Cruella

5. October 21, 2015


Featuring: Lorac Pro palette, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey

4. January 12, 2015


Featuring: Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, Benefit Benetint

3. September 24, 2015


Featuring: Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Binge

2. October 30, 2015


Featuring: Urban Decay Naked 1 palette, Lipstick Queen in Saint Wine

1. June 25, 2015IMG_4231.JPG

Featuring: Stila Kitten eyeshadow, Urban Decay liquid liner in Roach


As If: 20th Anniversary Clueless Makeup Tutorial

It’s hard to believe but Clueless came out 20 years ago last week. I was 6 when it came out, but it loomed large in my pop culture imagination. In my eyes, Cher was the vision of the perfect teenage girl. I remember dreaming of a computer automated closet and my very own Jeep.

Cher is the center of the teen queen classic film trinity, flanked by Heathers and Mean Girls. Cher is the queen bee: fresh-faced yet defined. Effortlessness that hides her manipulation. I had a few thoughts on rewatching Clueless.

  • I need silver Doc Martins like Brittany Murphy (Rest in Power).
  • Polaroids of your outfits are like useful, private Instagram selfies
  • “Let’s do a lap before we commit to a location.” Truer party words were never spoken.

While Cher’s volunteering spirit is only self-serving, she does have a lot to teach us about looking perfectly together. In particular, her high school no-makeup makeup look is fantastic.


Cher always has a perfect blow out. It’s glossy, straight, and voluminous, perfect for tossing over your shoulder and flirting with Paul Rudd. I recreated it with a straightening iron and some dry shampoo at the roots for volume. And for 1990s accuracy, bend those ends in with your straightening iron.



Wide-eyed, “oops that was a mistake” is what we’re going for here. Apply a shimmery nude shadow all over your lids from lash to brow. “Nude” eye shadow will depend on your own skintone, but for my pale yellow-neutral skin, I love Stila’s Kitten. It’s a well-balanced champagne with pink and ivory tones. Next, apply brown liner on your top and bottom lashlines and follow with two coats of black mascara. Don’t go all the way around with the liner  – only the outer half of your lower lashline–for a nice, innocent look.


Cher doesn’t subscribe to Kim Kardashian-style contouring. Instead, she just goes with soft pink blush to play up her baby cheeks. I used Tarina Tarantino blush in Carved Rose for the same effect. Use a highligher pen like the YSL Touche Eclat along your cheekbones, above and below your eyebrows, down the bridge of your nose, and along your cupid’s bow for that angelic glow in all lights. I found the original #1 shade of Touche Eclat overly pink for my skin, and returned it for shade #1.5, which has yellow undertones.

clueless lips


“Always draw attention to your lips.” Noted, Cher. For a 90s gradient lip that doesn’t veer too far into Pamela Anderson, line your lips with a rose pencil and fill your lips in completely. I used an old Wet-n-Wild shade #664B. Layer a lighter pink-nude lipstick, like Buxom’s Lip Pencil in Sydney, in the center and blend. Finish with a dab of shimmery pink gloss in your center lower lip for an even poutier look. I used the Buxom lip gloss in the shade April.



It’s very 1990s, but not too dated. Hopefully Cher wouldn’t call me a full-on Monet. What do you think?

Beauty Resolutions Revisited: Flossing Daily

whitening floss
Flossin’ like whoa

In this edition of Beauty Resolutions Revisited, let’s see how I’ve been doing on my flossing habit. When I last wrote about this back in November, I was determined to floss every day (November! Can’t believe I’ve had this site for almost a year). And how I have done?

Well, I’ve been flossing every-ish day for the last two months. But I fell off the wagon for the first half of 2013. I’d floss occasionally, and I’d brush for the full two minutes of the electric toothbrush (it really feels like forever). But, let’s focus on the positives. Gold star for excellence!

What helped me recommit to flossing was buying a new fancy floss, the above Glide 3D White. Because why not multitask? If you’re a regular flosser, keep up the good work! If you’re struggling, keep up the good fight!

My 5 Favorite Beauty Looks from the 2013 Emmys

christina hendricks emmys
Glamour perfection

Confession to make: I didn’t watch the Emmys last. I don’t keep up with current TV shows, as I prefer to binge watch without commercials on Netflix. And at award shows, once names are being called, the most exciting part is over: the red carpets. Award show beauty takes skill – you need skin that looks great when flash photographed and when filmed in HD (a hard combination. Makeup Forever’s HD powder can result in scary flashback if you apply too much). The makeup needs to be strong enough to be seen from far away, but it must look good in close ups as well. That sounds like a lot of effort, but these five actresses make it look easy.


She’s one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and last night that glamour shined through. The classic Hollywood makeup suits her peaches and cream complexion, and her lipstick is the perfect neutral red. While the makeup style is pure vintage, the slightly mussed up hair adds a modern touch. Her faux-bob curls were created with a 1/2 inch barrel, smaller than the typical 1 inch barrel most women use. For more details on how to replicate Christina’s hair, check out Temptalia’s details from her hair stylist.

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Music and Makeup: Get Lauren Mayberry from Chvrches’ Cool Look

chvrches lauren mayberry
Flawless, etc.

One of my favorite music discoveries in 2013 is the Scottish electro-pop duo Chvrches (yes, that’s a v, but it’s pronounced Churches. Just stylized with a Roman u for smart SEO purposes). My friend described them as a cross between Passion Pit and Tegan and Sara. I’d also throw in The xx, Purity Ring, and Robyn, all great bands to evoke. They make insanely catchy yet intelligent music, which is not an easy accomplishment.

I saw them perform at the Mezzanine in March, and I’ve got tickets to see them at the much larger Fox Theatre this November: an impressive rise that shows how popular they’ve become. They even had a writeup on Buzzfeed yesterday – surely a sign of good things to come.

The frontwoman Lauren Mayberry entrances you onstage with a clear soprano and charming asides. She’s the kind of performer that makes the entire crowd fall in love with her, men and women alike. You can check out their first album, The Bones of What You Believe, streaming on NPR until its full release on September 24th.

Along with Lauren’s beautiful voice and enigmatic lyrics, I’m a fan of her eye makeup, which is usually a funky version of the classic cat eye. Keep reading to find out how I got this look:

chvrches makeup tutorial
Turn the other cheek

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Beauty Resolutions Revisited: Daily Makeup Brush Washing

makeup brush washing
Netflix and makeup brush washing

One of my earliest series for this blog was Beauty Resolutions, where I made promises to change for the cosmetically better. I typically avoid New Years resolutions because they never stick, but I figured if I made resolutions regularly throughout the year, I might have better luck. Now I’m going to revisit some of those resolutions and see how successful I’ve been.

When I decided to wash my makeup brushes with every use last year, I was feeling very ambitious. One smart move was buying Sephora’s Daily Brush Cleaner, a no-rinse cleanser spray. It’s a lot easier to do use than shampooing your brushes with soap and water. All you need to do is spray directly onto the bristles, then brush it across some tissue to remove makeup residue.

While the cleanser spray is convenient, it doesn’t do as thorough a job as shampoo. That’s where a travel size bottle of Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo comes in. You can find it for under $2 at your local drugstore, and it’ll last you several years of cleansing. It only takes a small dot of shampoo mixed with water to cleanse dozens of brushes.

So how have I fared with this resolution? Well,  I think daily brush cleansing was a bit too ambitious. That said, I definitely wash my brushes much more often than I used to thanks to the cleansing spray. Confession time: I didn’t wash my brushes at all for the first several years of using them (oops!).

I’m going to rededicate myself to regular makeup brush watching. It’s a fun activity to pair with some Netflix and wine – just don’t spill your drink on the brushes! For more information on how to go about washing those brushes, check out my original article.