Thoughts on Money at The Billfold

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I’m proud to announce I’ve had another article published on one of my favorite blogs, The Billfold. I wrote about money, anxiety and liking to pay for things upfront. Check it out here:


A Plan and Not Quite Enough Time (pt. 3)


It’s two days after the supermoon/blood moon/lunar eclipse extraordinaire, and I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment. I’ve been using moon cycles to set goals – new goals on new moon, and achieved goals on full moons, ideally. It’s been a great natural reminder of the ebbs and flows of life. It’s crazy how quickly life can seem to slip by, so I enjoy the daily reminder of exactly where I am in life.

My goal for the full moon was to have a solid second draft of my screenplay typed up and shared with friends. I sent it out to a few select friends on Friday. It was scary but exhilarating to finally have it exist outside of my own head. I have an intuitive sense of what the screenplay needs next, so I’ll be working on that with a new moon deadline, October 13th. Then I can start fresh again on the next round of edits. Wish me luck. And good luck on your own goals!

My Top 5 Articles of the Week


The other day my boyfriend called me out on a phrase I unknowingly use all the time: tops. The context? “I’m so excited about the new Big Grams album, Big Boi is really tops.” It’s jarring to realize the vocabularies we’ve built out of habit and eccentricity. I thought I’d share with you some fascinating articles I read this week I’d consider “tops.”

1. Rachel Syme on Kim, Kanye and Marina Abromovic:

“Kim and Kanye are performing as a couple all the time — they perform the idea of what love and parenthood are in 2015, what art and fashion look like as a constant dialogue between two people, and what two people who have a joint vision can do when they decide to rise higher and higher in cultural esteem, beyond what anyone thought possible.”

2. Monica Heisey on the history of bangs:

“30 B.C.E.: Not to start off on a total bummer, but Cleopatra’s famously blunt bangs are a myth. In actuality, she would have worn a wig of tight curls over a shaved head, as was the fashion at the time. The popular image of Cleopatra with bangs comes from the 1934 film Cleopatra, which made use of actress Claudette Colbert’s pre-existing bangs.”

3. Jenny Zhang on poetry and yellow-face:

“The reparations white people claw for the minute they feel excluded from this world is not our problem. We shine bright like a diamond, and for once the blinding light from our gemstones is not white, but goddamn it is so, so divine.”

4. Lindsay Peoples on the Spring 2016 fashion trends to follow this fall:

“Rather than wait until 2016 rolls around, why not shop the best runway trends now — especially since so many of them will transition into fall with ease? Most of the really wearable new trends are hybrid, new-and-improved takes on what’s already happening in fashion, with a more modern and relatable approach.”

5. Sinead Stubbins on Almost Famous and gifting records:

“It gets to the heart of fandom: nothing is quite as good as that first high, but you try to repeat that feeling anyway. In the film, Sapphire the Band-Aid explains that to be a fan is to “truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it hurts”. Like fandom itself, Almost Famous refuses to be embarrassed by the earnestness of reliving this memory.”

A Plan And Not Quite Enough Time (Pt. 2)

IMG_4586Two weeks ago I wrote about my challenge to finish my screenplay first draft by September 1. The results? I finished the draft last Thursday August 27th, a full 5 days ahead of schedule. Turns out a firm deadline is extremely effective. Once I knew I “had” to write it by then, I knew I could.

I wrote the entire thing straight through by hand in a composition notebook. My plan is to add some scenes and details, type it up and share it with a couple close friends by September 13th, the next new moon. I enjoy setting goals by the moon. I love that visual reminder of time passing, and the sense of connection to the rhythms of the world.

So! Expect an update in a week or so. And if you have a goal you want to make a serious commitment to, I recommend checking out The Internet can be a blackhole of procrastination, but it also has cool tools for getting things done. Have a great weekend!

A Plan and Not Quite Enough Time


I haven’t been very active on this blog because I’ve been at work on a much bigger project: a screenplay. The idea came up a few years ago, and I’ve been planning it over the last year. Now I’m in the middle of writing the first draft.

The problem with passion projects is the lack of deadlines–no “Friday EOD” emails to get your ass in gear. I found an awesome resource last week:, which was developed by Yale professors to help you achieve your goals.

First, I selected a deadline–September 1st for my first full draft. Think I selected a consequence. If I don’t complete it, I’ll pay $20 to an anti-charity of my choice. They have both liberal and conservative options, depending on your stance on gun control, abortions, and other social issues. I think this is a genius feature–now it is actually immoral for me to miss this deadline.

Next, I chose a referee–my boyfriend. He will confirm whether or not I accomplished the goal. The social pressure is a great impetus to make real progress every day.

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.’

-Leonard Bernstein

Not quite enough time is exactly how I’m feeling right now. But I’ll make it happen, now that I have real consequences. I’ll check back with you in September to let you know how done. So back to work!

A Re-Introduction to Nath Attack

IMG_3156_2When I started this blog two years ago, I spent a few weeks debating what I should call it. Should I pick a specific name that made it clear what I was writing about? Or go with a broader name that would give me more freedom to explore my interests? Ultimately I chose Nath Attack because I had a feeling some day I’d want to write about a lot more than makeup.

I’ve been feeling the urge to blog again. This time I want to tackle a larger swath of my interests, like music, football, travel, skiing, cooking, and trying (and failing, and trying again) to meditate and be more mindful. Stayed tuned. There’s more to come.

My 5 Favorite Things I Read This Week


Real talk: I’m a compulsive reader. It can get me into trouble when I’m trying to finish something (damn you, Internet, bottomless pool of words!). But the upside is constant inspiration, and I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite things I read this week:

  • Wild, by Cheryl Strayed. Run, don’t walk to the bookstore for this one. Or just open a tab for the eBook, that’s faster. This is a really powerful memoir about the author as a young woman dealing with grief, addiction, and divorce, all while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with no experience and a very heavy backpack. I read it straight through on a flight and silently wiped away tears. This was the first book that’s made me cry within the first 20 pages. I won’t say anymore, but seek out this book.
  • On a lighter, shorter note, here’s a really fascinating discussion about Rihanna, feminism, and sexuality. I feel very ambivalently about Rihanna: I admire her resilience and refusal to play the victim, but there are times when she comes off as immature. However, you have to take in the account the “millionaire pop star since a teenager, no one saying no to her in years” situation. Not the typical adolescence to say the least.
  • Did you know that Kevin Hogan, Stanford’s quarterback has gone 9-0 since starting against Oregon last year? Yet has hasn’t gotten much national attention at all. This year the media’s SEC bias has been exposed as a joke. PAC-12 is the strongest conference this year, and Hogan also has the backing of the nation’s best defense. Have I blown my cover as a rabid Stanford fan? Oops. Needless to say, I’m very excited to see the game tomorrow against Washington, with the much improved Keith Price.
  • Here’s a models explaining their tattoos, a beautiful slideshow from It’s interesting to see the rise in models with tattoos. I don’t have any myself, or any strong desire to get one (I have plenty of freckles already), but some of these are really stunning. I think it’s a sign of the re-emergence of models with known personalities, rather than the anonymous clothes-hanger figure of the last decade and a half. Cara Delevigne is a perfect example of the next supermodel who has risen to success by being her very wacky self. I approve.
  • Mike Dang gives the best financial advice over at The Billfold. Very soothing and reassuring. I don’t have the letter writer’s problem (which is $11k in savings, grad school, and a terrible job), but this was still a great read and reminder to be frugal but not miserly. Some things aren’t worth the emotional energy.
  • Fashion Month (New York, London, Milan, Paris) is over, which means it’s time for me to analyze all my notes and pull together trends and reviews. An exciting but daunting task, because I want to take the time to really consider the collections. Sometimes clothes grow on you the same way that records do. The Cut posted a slideshow of their 50 best images from fashion month, which is a quick and visual way to catch up on what you missed.