So, You Want to Look Like a Spice Girl?

Fulfilling important childhood dreams.

When I was in elementary school, Spice Girl clubs were all the rage. No, not nightclubs that only played Spice Girls. That would have been 9 year-old-me paradise, but luckily I’m not Drew Barrymore and I didn’t go to rehab at 13. No, Spice Girl clubs were groups of 5 girls, each who took on the role of a different Spice Girl during recess. There was a weirdly competitive aspect of the Spice Girl clubs as well – the best Spice Girl club was the one with the most closely matching appearances and personalities. Thus, the giggly blondes were always Baby, the intense athletes were always Sporty, and so on. I’m not a redhead, more of a dirty blonde, but I was chosen to be Ginger Spice.

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