The Belles of Twin Peaks: Josie Packard, Lumber Mill Femme Fatale

josie packard
What did I do wrong?

I’ve finally¬†Belles of Twin Peaks series, I present to you Josie Packard. When people talk about Twin Peaks style inspiration, they usually reference Audrey Horne, the poor little rich girl troublemaker. I love Audrey, but I think there’s a more interesting femme fatale character on the Peaks: Josie Packard, the mysterious owner of the town mill.

Played masterfully by Joan Chen, Josie is enigmatic. It’s hard to tell if she’s a sweet woman who needs to be saved or a mischievous troublemaker. My kind of woman. Her look is late 80s/early 90s dramatic, sculpted perfection. You can easily imagine her next to Cindy Crawford on a cover, except for the somewhat dowdy outfits she wears to play down her sex appeal.

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